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  1. All time fav is from gta3, "My Mother's my sister!"
  2. Do a team deathmatch on the cargo ship. It's called Cargo. lol. The crowbar spawns in the middle of the map area where you play.
  3. I only have a 6 car garage, but mine are as follows, Bicycles included?: 1. Obey Tailgater - Great well balanced car, rare, and the paint job I have looks pretty sweet. Blue and Carbon black, Bronze rims. 2. 2 BMX Bikes - Bunny hopping over cars never gets old. 3. Sabre Turbo - Absolute beast.. Nice rumble to it. 4. Balla - Official gang car, Midnight Purple with gold low rider rims. Not bad with speed. 5. Oracle - Nothing special now, project car. I leave the other 2 open for selling of cars each time I log in. Once that stimulus package comes I'll probably put a Coquette in there.
  4. What are some of the funniest quotes from NPC's or Player Character quotes either driving or in cutscenes? One that had me dying was when Trevor walks up to Franklin and says "What's up, my N-word?" while hopping the fence and then face plants on the sidewalk. I shed tears over that one. What are some others that you guys remember? I get called a "penis" or a "socialist" a lot lol.
  5. I'd love to see the jump or crash that landed the SUV there in the first place. GTA should have implicated some sort of rendition of the GoPro camera. I think that would be epic to catch all the crazy nonsense that occurs in game. Like cop cars taking flight.
  6. i like the little things: like flying a twin engine plane with a damaged turbine. I love how the other one breaks down to keep up flight. then you stall, and glide graciously to the earth like a rock. amen Maybe I'm the only one, but to me Michael seems like an embodiment of desperation and douchebaggery. Like when you get spawned to him out of online mode. "I'm somebody now! In the industry!" and what he says to the hookers about his wife. Idk, can't really stand him. Trevor's my favorite. Best cut scene of him was when he visits Franklin and says "What's up, my N-word?" and immediately trips over the fence and face plants on the sidewalk. I almost cried.
  7. I think they should up the stimulus money they're giving out for all these delays. I understand the vastness of the game but at least don't cut our job earnings in half. release money, then cut earnings. it's like a union strike lol
  8. I'll type the ones I've seen, I won't waste your time with pointless info. The Annihilator spawned after I hit level 30 or 40 at Trevor's airstrip and that other helipad location a lil closer the airport. I got a notification on the in game phone for it. You only get the Hotknife with the collector's edition. There's the ratloader but it's a money pit. The Phoenix, Sabre, and Ruiner I see everywhere in the city. The Phoenix is more rare but it spins out like a maniac. I'd like to find the Vigero though. I've only seen it at random points when I'm in the middle of something. Rat Loader spawns after 8pm 2 blocks NW of Trevors house next to a LTS location. Literally, next to it. It can easily be mistaken for a rusted junker. It kinda is lol. Mesa 3, I'm assuming you mean the raised one that the mercs drive? If your level is high enough online, you can call mercs on people. Do that, and steal one. That's how I got mine. Rancher! thank you. I wish I could be more informative, but I saw one out of the corner of my eye and made a bee line towards it. I wanna say somewhere around East Los Santos and East Vinewood. It was at night though. Sorry I can't be more specific than that. You want the Mesa for SIngle Player? Can't you replay missions via the pause menu? Perhaps then, if online, call mercs on someone and steal the jeep.
  9. Rare, or what I don't see very often are as follows. Also, idk if these were already mentioned, apologies if they were. Tailgater, Merryweather Canis Mesa, Western Daemon, Rat Loader. This truck, I can't remember the name at the moment, I found it driving around the center of the city but more to the east. I call it the OJ Bronco. I found the Tailgater in an invite only session, not sure if the type of session matters, in the parking lot of the golf course after dark but before morning. It took a few trips before it spawned and there were A LOT of cars that look similar to the Tailgater. Canis Mesa - I called Mercs on my friend n stole one as they got killed. Western Daemon - This one was a pain in ass to find. I spent the better part of a night looking in all listed locations I could find, I guess the new patch doesnt let you steal vehicles from missions anymore, and then I was leaving my apartment, stole a car and ran over a Daemon. Pretty fast for the type of bike it is, but I think I like the Bati better. Rat Loader - This spawns more or less in the same spot as single player, only after 8pm. 2 blocks NW of Trevor's. Rare yes, but not that great in my opinion. Cheap to replace, but even with mods on it's slow, bad brakes, and horrible turning. It doesn't even shoot fire out the exhaust pipes, where you got a blista tuner that shoots it all over the places. cool looking mods, but more on a cosmetic level than functional. Here's a shot of the Rat loader and Tailgater in my garage.
  10. Hey, guys. new here. Here's a few silly ones i've taken, and my cars as well. Enjoy and share. Photobomb? We found the nude guy somewhere in the mountains while running from the cops. We were gonna push him off but he was a quick one for an old timer.