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  1. Is it ok to let your two and a half year old play GTA4? He was loving it.

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    2. Qdeathstar


      Yeah, as has been said, if he is black it should be fine...

    3. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Failed insult is complement. :]

    4. gtagrl


      It's your duty to mold the next generation of gamers.

  2. Whos else been watching lots of heist movies in anticipation for GTA V? I've watched so many I am bored. Staring at that countdown timer is aggravating/exciting.........

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    2. GunSmith


      There is a certain percentage of the Cambodian population that has lost a leg to a landmine. Which leads me to wonder, has anyone in Cambodia ever stepped on one with his good leg? I'll bet you anything that there's some guy in Cambodia who has hit the lottery twice.

      --George Carlin (paraphrased)

    3. Qdeathstar


      I can think of one or two cambodiean hobbies.

    4. GunSmith
  3. I'm thinking if you want a real life GTA expirence, Try Cambodia. It is doing the job for me...

    1. Rayge


      How many people do you kill per day with your baseball bat? And do you have a cheatcode for a hydra and weapons tier 2?

    2. GunSmith


      Did you get the "Finish Him" achievement with said baseball bat?

    3. deepbreathley


      Ha, standard. Unfortunatly cheats arnt working on this phone so I stear clear of the killing. I am however driving like gta, fucking everywhere!

  4. I'm thinking if you want a real life GTA expirence, Try Cambodia. It is doing the job for me...

  5. What on my mind? I am looking at a fecking gta 5 forum every fucking day what do you thinks on my fuckign mind?

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    2. Brian


      Oh, fucking Brits ruin everything.

    3. GunSmith


      Watch some "Father Ted". You'll understand after that.

    4. deepbreathley


      whoah chill out, didnt think anyone would pay any attention to it. Yes bit of British slang, thought you lot would be well versed, there is always (mostly) a decent British character. I am loving how you guys are quick to rip into what anyone says. Lets see what happens.