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  1. I'll have to check out Takers then, I have been making my way through the list and I must say its getting me hyped for when we can plan and pull them off. I thought town was particularly good and you can't beat lockstock or snatch. Oceans 11 was acceptable but any of the sequels suck balls. I simply cannot wait for a well planned heist to go successfully and just drive off into the mountains cigar in mouth.....
  2. I am still excited at the prospect of a tranc gun that you can use to trap then set free dangerous animals in a populated area, and then hopefully will be able to use it on peds....I can't remember and can't arsed to remember who suggested this first but props to them .....
  3. Why are people talking about Kendrick Lamar not being in the game because a character is called Lamar? He is in a song on the bloody Franklin trailer....... O well I have no doubts Rockstar will deliver...I just want a big mix, and judging by the Michael, Franklin and Trevor trailer, i have my wish..... Some queen (Classic) Some gangster rap ( WEST COAST BABY) and some hillbilly shit......obviously there will be more and thats how i like it, even pop songs have there place.
  4. On the subject of horse, Police forces all around the world (and i assume the LA Pigs too),usually use horses as riot control.....Could happen, but i wouldn't be bothered either way, I am still shitting my pants about sharks, customization and the fact you can buy property.
  5. Yeah Crime inc, i was talking about Episodes from Liberty City, that would have been a shit move if i ordered the other game instead!!! (I didn't quote you as it was a huge comment.) I still am curious about the phones, i think maybe when we are introduced to the characters perhaps Michael gives them all an ifruit phone to keep in contact. ("take these, this is how we will keep in contact" - character switch tutorial...) Because like i said, i don't think i could see Trevor with a Ifruit 5 (or whatever it may be called) by his own choice, i see him with some old ass nokia, like at the beginning of GTA IV. obviously Michael would have the ifruit. on a side note, i love that it is called Ifruit because i fucking hate Iphones. (probably because i cant afford one) To keep on topic I really just want to be able to get them all in matching suits (RD style),character customization is a must! I am not talking tattoos and beards and things. (Would be nice but from what i have gathered there wont be that type of customization.) But we must be able to buy clothes and have a much larger selection than GTA IV. Shit like that makes the game for me.... apart from the random senseless killing....
  6. Cheers, I am pissed that i haven't played the two liberty city stories, will have to get that sharpish... I also agree with IbeNiko, I hate it when the bodies vanish that quickly, i like to get a pile going....
  7. I am not exactly looking for it, but i hope such a thing to be in the game. I haven't played GTA 4 in a long time and unfortunately i didn't have a ps3 or anything for the last couple of years, so i haven't played the liberty city stories etc. (Shall do now though - hard to get in Cambodia though) But i remember going on the internet on GTA 4 for a fair few missions, but i cant remember if there was a "facebook" piss take or not. If not i would love to see a Rockstar piss take of facebook, twitter, and other such things. Perhaps killing a facebook stalker, or being one yourself. I do remember doing something similar on the internet so i am sorry if i am rambling about something previously in the game. I just would like to see there take on it.....and i would like to see Trevor Facebook page......he wouldn't have one. ha Or twitter updates about shit that has happened or happening in the game. Oh shit do you think they will have different phones.I don't see Trevor and Michael having the same blower? (phone - English slang)
  8. I would say i wanted to see Dwayne Forge back, but some people would have killed him so i think it is unlikely that those "choice kill" characters will come back... (i can see why they are shying away from that with having 3 characters) Lil Jacob would be nice but i just think he wont. (I liked how when he smoked you could see it billow out of the windows. Nice touch.) All the people i really wanted to see have been confirmed not to be in it so i am a bit pissed. Packie is just damn pimp..
  9. that made me choke!! Is that Nicholas Cage by any chance? Plus seeing as i should keep on topic, i have to tip my hat to you fellows, amazing work on trying to figure out the map and its size etc. I wouldn't know where to start so i just sit and read this you can see i have nothing new to add. nice one lads.
  10. Thanks Blacksox9 I am meant to be teaching but now all I am doing is thinking about which animals I am going to make fight and also which animals capture and set free in the muscle beach area........This would be an awesome addition to the game and would give me at least 15 more hours of gameplay.
  11. Not a vehicle but it would be awesome to acquire one of those flying wingsuits for some sort of daring mission....
  12. Great idea, maybe they could make Kayaking an activity ( like Tennis and Golf will be ). Where you have to navigate between markers in the river, avoiding rocks and logs ( hitting these damages your health and score or something ). Could be good, along with being able to just navigate the river systems for fun ( enjoying the scenery of the wilderness ). These are brilliant ideas, a bit of white water rafting would be quality but obviously would be better as just you on a kayak. Now this is only a hope........Air Craft Carrier................Probably been said though.
  13. I want to ride an elephant, i think someone said it already. Would be awesome to ride through town with your boys jamming on an elephant picking people off... After playing RDR i know that the animals will be good, although i hated the bloody mountain lion always sneak attacking me, almost shat my pants a few times. I just cant wait, will we be using a dog as a weapon or will be be AI? oh yes and pigs, oh wait they have always been in it.....
  14. Steamroller? Flatten some peds the fuck out.. (or is it called a road roller?!)
  15. I personally don't think they should have different difficulty levels, i just think they should make the game harder in general. Hopefully it will because as it gets more realistic it should get harder to play. Then if the pissy kids get annoyed that they are dying to fast or it is not fun anymore....they always have cheats to make it easier. I am a massive GTA fan but i don't play games as much as i did when i was a kid but i thought gta IV was pretty easy, yeah it had its moments, but still pretty piss for a casual gamer.
  16. I am from London living in Cambodia and i am getting some pretty decent shit here and bunning it right up, shame i will have to get someone to send gta5 over to me rather than buy it here ( it will take ages) and yeah i smoke a lot. should be legal, in Cambodia it is kind of semi legal if you know what i mean. well you can cook with it, and no one cares smoking and gta go hand in hand apart from when you are getting chased or you have a shitload of cops shooting at you and you get ash all over the place because you suddenly don't care about your spliff...
  17. I just hope you can get get them all to wear black suits.... and then you just hear the "little green bag" bass-line pump out of your Premier (yes your Premier, you have to be inconspicuous) as you walk down an alley to meet some other associates..... you see where i am going.. and later things go wrong... and you improvise (or you are just a psycho...cue Trevor) (i know some people have referenced the trunk shots...) I think they have all grown on me to be honest, I've had mixed feelings on Michael (looked old at first but now seems in better shape) and Franklin (looked just slightly odd to me, just out of place) but now like I said they have grown on me. Trevor on the other hand has always looked no nonsense awesome...... Hopefully Rockstar will get the balance right, it's all about the the gameplay and the storyline.
  18. Mini Games are usually a waste of time but we would complain if they were not there. I usually enjoy them because rockstar make things so fucking funny that i don't mind. Bar bowling (my opinion) and besides, you don't like them, don't play them. I like all the things i have heard are going to be in it, but a whole golf course is a bit much, i dont see myself playing that for ages when i could be jumping out of a plane. or ............. Having said that i have found myself sitting around for hours playing poker on rdr or just getting drunk and playing darts with Jacob.
  19. I agree, and i feel that we should have 3 or 4 different styles to choose from, and like you said learn them or learn certain moves. I know some people are like "all i need is an AK and i will fuck people up" but in reality a criminal needs to be good with his hands. So to add to the realism of the game fighting should be a big part of it in my opinion. For one character at least! In all honesty i just want to dropkick someone off of mount chilliad.....see ya....
  20. I really enjoyed this game, i recently bought RDR and this to Subdue my need for GTA5 and so far it is doing the trick. Like a lot of you, i agree it feels a little unfinished and could have been a lot more. However the combat system was pretty decent, a lot better than GTAIVs but then again that was years ago. All in all a nice little game but very quick to complete, and one more thing, if this game can have some decent clothing options i don't see why gta 5 cant. Sorry if i am slightly crossing topics.
  21. Wow, this is why i don't post so i don't seem as fucking fucktarded as this. Ejector seat = WIN I would like to see a reliant robin (the 3 wheeled car) or an old mini cooper cruising about somewhere. I think there should be a lot more unique cars, like the Aston we saw in the second trailer!
  22. That Airship in the background of the plane pics is looking more and more flyable. What amazing screenshots, and i think everyone was surprised with these bad boys I haven't even got a ps3 anymore, but i shall do what i have always done for a GTA the console and i think we will have to buy the planes/subs with the money. Probably for a heist or some shit. also in the plane pics they look like they are chatting to each other on a mission, looks too nice. first post, fucking drunk in Cambodia for Christmas!!!