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  1. I wonder if the stocks are universal or just for LS. Like buying up large stock in companies to point that you receive money from franchises out side of Los Santos To a point* not to point.
  2. Qd? Sounds familiar, but my memory needs a jog This was the perspective I figured
  3. I kind threw it together. The mountain screencap helped with that northern part
  4. To be fair, it looks better than Tiger woods. Plus if you lose, you get to shot your opponent and take your winnings. I wonder if eventually GTA will turn into a game full of every other type of game you can get. Go to a in-game console and play a multiplayer FPS COD like with everyone else on the rockstar network. Or go to a stadium and play a FIFA type game, or other types of team sports games. You'd never need to buy any other game but GTA if they did it with enough quality. I see that working on next gen with the cloud. EA will probably port FIFA or something through Sims 4
  5. No really. They only showed the PS3 buttons while rappeling wrong on that one dick hole. It was on car customization and clothes purchase too
  6. that's one way to piss off trophy buffs. It reminds me of that GTA IV trophy that you had to win every variation of multiplayer mode in one sitting. I had LITERALLY 1 thing left and my Wi-Fi disconnected
  7. something I noticed in TBOGT is that you could store a vehicle in Niko's place as Luis.
  8. I'm gonna go joker style on the crew I hired. "One less share, right?"
  9. I'm not, but I still live near disgusting rednecks. Here's my analogy: neelreel is to rednecks as Nazi's were to Jews
  10. Senator Joe Manchin. He blamed the Sandy Hook Shootings on GTA V. I'm like, "In that case, let's blame every shooting on games that haven't been released instead gun control." I like Joe as a Senator but not for the sake of this game
  11. Since the LA Coliseum and the Hollywood Bowl are in the map, I would love to rampage at an event with Trevor or something
  12. if only it made up for all the late and unnecessary topics I've made, haha
  13. In comparison... These were pretty off. They need a little Fitty Magic I attached a picture, but its not showing up
  14. Well, I do like his special ability and he is cool also, but still I don't like him. I didn't like CJ too so that's why. All 3 are great, except for Trevor because he has something extra, his craziness. This psychopath is my absolute favourite! are you sure it's not cause you are... racist? JK. Franklin is my favorite cause he is young. Plain and simple
  15. Just read that GTA V would not be announced at E3. What a surprise?

    1. NeelReel


      Hence the "what a surprise"

    2. Rayge


      What's the point of posting a status about it if it's so obvious to you then?

    3. NeelReel


      I just felt like posting it.

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  16. come on r*. this isn't fair

    1. Qdeathstar


      Its very unfair. I made a bet that i wouldn't masturbate until r* released the cover shot. Still waiting.

    2. Crazee


      The longer you hold it. . .


    3. Godfather


      I hope when they unveal it, that it's just a black background with "GTA V" on it.. now that would piss people off.

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  17. saints row 3 driving sucked ass I said handling, not physics. remember to read first.
  18. I want the mechanics and car customization options to realistically drift. The tires need more grip so the ass doesn't fly off and so you can smoothly transition on a tight J turn and be fast. Plus I want handling to be as stable saints row 3 but not the physics for sure.
  19. Good find Jamie. That websites writer is dumb as hell. Why would he even give it a second thought? Shanghi steals copyrights and r* would never put screencaps on the cover.
  20. I think if you are under 100 posts, you must have admin permission. I don't think i deserve to make a topic even. I'm f**king Captain Oblivious

    1. Qdeathstar
    2. Qdeathstar


      I think if you have anal sex with a sheep you have give reach around to monkey,

    3. NeelReel


      You don't agree? Fine. 50.

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