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  1. If you look at the cloud types in these pictures, they seem to be very dynamic and vary from one in other
  2. SUPPOSEDLY Microsoft ACCIDENTALLY LEAKED GTA V release date as March 26. I think it's fake, but that's just me

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    2. JamieMilne


      yeah i think the financial stuff puts it as being released after march

    3. jobo


      It hurts my feelings when you raise your voice.

    4. Qdeathstar


      Hurry up and make a topic!

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  3. yeah. Trevor is like Murdoch in A-Team except he is a lot more of a dick
  4. Maybe, since Michael is on witness protection, he gets off the hook easier from the popo.
  5. i want the tires and hydrolic systems to affect the physics more. Especially off rode. The cars also have weight issuse.
  6. I am the only one to tweet on the Trevor Phillips hashtag.

    1. NeelReel
    2. Godfather
    3. GunSmith


      I am not the only one to comment on this status update.

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  7. Is there a DLC discussion yet?

    1. NeelReel


      I always use the search tool but somethings slip through it occationally

    2. TreeFitty


      Found it while looking for other topics:

    3. NeelReel


      K. Thanks Fitty

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  8. I am waiting for a demo R*! It would be great if you gave us a release date this month!

    1. GunSmith


      A demo is like a print copy of the video game itself. It's basically all the game's events, only in text. I believe Fallout: Tactics had one.

    2. ViceMan


      A demo is a Swedish term for a raging orgasm as a result of electrostatic contact with a passer by.

    3. NeelReel


      I would but i think it would get locked by a mod

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  9. I'm tired of newbies that make f***ing topics with out searching. I was like that before but now I play it safe. There should be a rule(and i think there is) where you have to search before starting a discussion. And these idiots don't read up on GTA 5.

    1. Qdeathstar


      Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the biggest cunt of them all

    2. NeelReel


      Just spit out an mnm when i read that

    3. NeelReel


      that should be a poll: Biggest Cunt of them all

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  10. For all of the maps that have no geographic resemblence to L.A: Look at the landmarks page (Treefitty did an amazing job on it). R* have made exact replicas of streets, significant buildings, and certain landforms. It would be ignorant to think that it doesn't resemble L.A.. As a matter of fact,(this is just me) I think it will be a 90% acuate replica of L.A.. P.S. Angeles National forest is to the North-East of Los Angelas if its tilted right.
  11. it will definately be welcomed. Hopefully one as good as Bahama Mamas that you can visit instead of only do 1 mission there
  12. What if rockstar made a GTA Universe games with all the maps combined and also add a modern New Austin and Bullworth. That would take up like 2 PS3 dics.

  13. Has any one said pet adoption or is it like RDR when your horse dies? That would be easy to make fun of on R*'s perpective.
  14. Should GTA 6 go back to Liberty City, Vice City, or somewhere new. Didn't think it was relevent for Discussion

    1. GunSmith


      Dear Rockstar...

      Personally, I'm hoping LV is included in DLC for V. Or gambling of any kind. Put in a blackjack table somewhere and I'm happy.

    2. Jizzy


      Gta VI should be set in a place with different parts of the map based on different Moral shit holes of the world.

    3. NeelReel


      What about Tennessee! Theres a lot of ingnorant people here to make fun of. Jk. How about a spin of of Florida(De Soto would be a good name) instead of just Vice City. Like Tampa and Orlando

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  15. I think people should commit suicide at random (not to much) and your car (not just if its damaged) should stall or die if you drive it long. Also, I think cars running on of gas could work suprisingly well. it should be when you hit a pay toll on the bridge to broker. Just slow down at the marker until the gas fills up.(gas staion of course)
  16. I want some Alternative stuff like Imagine Dragons, AWOLNATION, MGMT, and especially Linkin Park
  17. Not like full length, obviously. No one would sit through that. I mean like how they had it in RDR. If you've played it, you would have definately see the on in Armadillo or the one in Mexico
  18. How about movie theaters, concerts or other stuff like that? I mean, we already are getting more show on the tv, what's to say that there isn't theaters? Also, with the concerts, we have already seen the Hollywood Bowl in the game. I would also like to view sporting events. Golf, I can see easily
  19. I hope this isn't the main character. I am tired of these types of characters. I like Luiz Lopez or C.J. He wasn't a 40 year old Russian, he wasn't a bald homophobe in a biker gang, he was a young bad a** who didn't get tired after two seconds of running. I felt like Niko was a burden to play as. I don't want that again