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    Mercy and me have a habit of going and talking to low levelled people. Mercy was trying to scare this level 7 small person. He was okay about. That's why I like public as it provides some entertaining people and yes sometimes war happens but doesn't it in real life. Time for me to get back to trying to take this topgun photo. Here goes: Step 1:- Steal two possibly 3 lazers Check Step 2:- Fly away really fast and lose cops Check. Starting to notice that this might be a little difficult as the plane is blurred. Step 3:- Tit around in lazers until you remembered why you got them. Check Step 4:- Realise that the speed difference between afterburner and cruising is not that much. Check Step 5:- Notice canopy goes black when you get close and plane is still blurry Check. Scratch that idea with lazers might have to downgrade to mallards or a little photoshopping? Step 6:- Photo shop Time to do some work Went and chopped some trees down last night with Mercy and Kuz's obviously had to transport it t the lumber yard. Sandy shores use to be a forest now it is a desert because of it. Oh wait Kuz's we are transporting lumber not cars. I say again lumber not cars! That's it contemplate your naughtiness, Kuz's. After his strop we arrived at the destination Kuz's parked and dropped of his trailer nicely however Mercy and I just rammed our truck and trailer next to his.
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    tried this and its fun. for next week. http://socialclub.ro...BQ?platformId=2 Drift Bowling 2 to 16 TEAMS 1 to 2 GAME MODE Team Deathmatch DESCRIPTION Drift the corners and side swipe the suckers standing in the corners. Each team takes turns. More sideway you are, the more people you will hit. Choose your drivers, choose your bowling pins. RATING 3 people drive a car each round running over the other team. then you swap. the drivers go line up to get run over. Say what....5 people line up. take turns at the teams discretion who drives. those not driving, would be nice to take photos. there are 2 corners set up. so we could have both "lanes" going if we have a lot of people. No just driving straight into people. defeats the theme. play by the dam rules, no fist fighting. do it proper and its pretty funny shit
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    same. i have lots of interesting colours save editor colour, golden red probably taking that off the gauntlet soon Dupz neon yellow in action re did the gasoline green, made it darker on metallic custom dark green replicated the save editor colour, sea foam green. with a pearlescent normal colour in the game but I love it. carbernet red with a cream pearl. no need for a custom colour with that made the colour go as dark as it would let me to get this super dark red. already had a white peal on the felon so that came through. on the blazer it's on top of a metal paintjob And finally after a talk with Ace, we decided to source a colour from Lindsey Lohan's nipple. Here is the result. Guess you can says it's a dirty sanchez. threw in some red for the hair The lohan nipple colour is now active on shirt lulz 2. get it before I change it http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/shirt_lulz_2
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    It's an FA50 from '85. The dude didn't include pics with his ad, but Google gave me 'dis:
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    I could be wrong, but I thought it was always there.
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    Your character is a pedophile. He gets some extra vigor when he's near children.
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    few older shots i didn't offload... this scene caught my eye Mercy. Drunk. On my car. Bully. Mercy. Drunk. Not on my car. Bully. yayyy! whatever Back of Mercy's head....heh. Bike jumps with Mercy Mercy & #Kuziepooh just before the fuckin lobby got fried....fuckin fuck...
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    At least their execution of said idea was shit.
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    Posting Oh behalf of my brother Ace Shootin Stuff The Mad Max Rhapsody Roids 50s Horror Movie The Cars, and Ace Doing The Sasquatch Walk in the back... Also, someone fucked with my ideas
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    all i know is if there isn't a new DLC next week, then i'll probably start playing something else... i am kind of getting bored of GTAO... there's only so much you can do... i liked the 2xRP weekend because it got people online playing missions again...
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    Well hopefully that DLC comes soon as this is getting silly:- Oh wait this is Rockstar so they will probably patch something silly like the underwater glitch or something stupid like that.
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    I'm looking forward to the new DLC-themed DLC.
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    Nothing is ever wrapped up in baseball. Baseball is a funny sport because regular season performance rarely has an impact on postseason performance. It's about who is hot at the very end of September, not April to mid-September. Detroit's bullpen could improve, the A's and Angel's offense could fall in a hole, a NL team could fire (2011 Cardinals anyone?). The trades made by the Tigers and A's were good trades but they mean shit until late-September.
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    Some chicken showed me a few 'Death Star' flowers. Allegedly Ohioan genetics. Like most things from Ohio, it fuggin' stinks.
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    Yep, just checked... I picked up the Catholic Scout Master perk somewhere along the line....
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    I am fighting my way through Raven Rock at the moment... my inventory is bursting and there is so much loot I can't take... the jew hoarder in me is crying... Must not forget to get the bobblehead... Also, does being in Little Lamplight boost your skills? Not the SPECIAL ones but all the others... They all had the + sign next to them when I was in there suggesting there was something bumping them up but it wasn't from what I was wearing...
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    Naah That's lilac... Lol, if I could like this twice I would.
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    That's the current crew colour for Gene' if you wanna use it.