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  1. I wonder if we can attach carts to horses? It does say about repair. It we would be awesome to go on a huge hunting trip for just the day and get tons of animals. Plus can a horse really carry a bear? This is gonna be fun. Hope they keep animals for online. Didn’t they say you can wear all animals on your head? Imagine what else other than a rat you could have maybe a pigeon or a snake hat.
  2. Well rockstar has just said there are around 200 different species of animals, birds and fish. I bet there is a trophy for it. This game is gonna be on another level for hunting.
  3. I am a bit worried as I haven’t seen anything about lassoing people. I use to love lassoing people and placing them on tracks or where animals could get them. I hope thats in the game. Can’t wait to play as these hands on preview makes it sound great. Some things are really exciting. I like the realism I was playing kingdom come deliverance recently and I love how detailed in realism it was. I dont know if I like be stuck in a single area as I like to explore everything straight away.
  4. Look like they are electric lamps attach to telegraph poles. The one on the far right looks like a women (due to her cuffs and boobs) so is this Abigail?
  5. You are correct. I bought the buccanneer and to just gain the additional stuff had to pay £390K (that does include basic hydralics). The next upgrade in hydralics was 125K and top being 290K. There are under the hood/boot improvements but you don't see them and are expensive. Nothing is cheap!
  6. Sadly I won't be there again. Fingers crossed for next week.
  7. Well it was nice to see you all for that 2 minutes!
  8. Oh down to 0.4 so I will def not be there sadly.
  9. That's where I will probably be. Hopefully Internet will be sorted by then as download speed is only 0.5mbps although upload is 5.5mbps.
  10. I am going to wear nothing like I normally do. Oh wait you mean in game, I be wearing blue and what ever other colour you guys decide. I can only stay for an 1hour though.
  11. Did this while i was bored:- Never has there been a Igta night without the cops sticking their noses in. And that is all i got
  12. They might have as i now have a garage full of rebels.
  13. Can we try later to get the later the police uniform?
  14. I wonder who's car and who is this person stood next to it? Can anyone guess? Hurry up on getting a ps4 Kuz's as someone is waiting for you! Sadly she wouldn't let me take any personal photo's to send you. Where Otiz's belongs. Hay Otiz's did you use those gloves on Jason? I swear by the time images are uploaded to RS the image becomes a lot darker. Lol, oh dear the stripper massacre of March 2015.
  15. Good news iphone owners iFruit update now available!
  16. Well my fear is publics won't be a nice place for a while. Everybody will be flying savages, hydras and driving technicals and insurgents. Oh well might as well join them.
  17. Whoops I do that GtaGrl. What I have heard though is blah blah blah and not really any instructions on how to do the mission.
  18. Well i am up for this week, so what is the plan? Back to normal as i am tempted to make a few matches using the new toys.
  19. That's what i have been saying the whole time because everyone knows that rockstar can be gits most of the time.
  20. Well last night actually ended up being relatively stable. Messed around with new vehicles in creator. I think I am going to buy the savage and not the Valkyrie purely for the savage has better weapons only downside is it is rather fragile. Yeah Dup I don't mind finishing up heist 3 although I will have to turn off for the end cut scene as there was no need for what they did!
  21. Sorry to hear the night didn't go so well Dup. I take it the servers went back to being fucked after I left. Wow is this the first crew night that never happened, wow. I might be able to do a heist tonight now then.
  22. I might have just snuck on. Played around in crews then went through to swap players. So many myths at how to get online.