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  1. Hi all. If anyone on this forum plays Farming Simulator 2022, can you tell me how to change the color of my vehicles in the game? And is it possible to do this at all. Only started playing a week ago. I can change the color of some of the vehicles, but some I can't.
  2. I just started watching anime about a month ago. I saw a review of the anime Chainsaw Man. I loved this masterpiece. It made me fall in love with anime.
  3. How many times I played this wonderful game on my PS 2 with my friends when I was young... Those were great times. Crash Bandicoot is one of the best games for the Sony PlayStation.
  4. GTA Vice City is forever in my heart.
  5. Yes, very often. And that's my problem. Tried to sit less, it doesn't work. I've become addicted)