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Gene: Pro-Racing

11 April 2014 - 11:44 PM

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Welcome to Gene: Pro-Racing. Here we will be posting our best race quality tracks: Well polished checkpoints, variety of straights, corners, and turns, large enough for 16 players, and well placed in the map. Then we will put the best into playlists in which we can start competing.

3. If you haven't already, then don't forget to join the Gene' Crew --> here <-- if you wish be a part of this.

2. Then post your race creations that you think would best suit this kind of competitive play, and we will decide collectively after trying it out, if it's worthy to be in the competitive playlist, and give constructive crit, to help develop it if it still has potential.

1. Once there is enough races to make a decent sized playlist we will start competing in many different ways, including; Time Attacks, Ghost laps, Cup Racing, Circuit runs, Point Runs, Endurance Runs, and more. So don't forget to post your best creations below.


And finally, get making, get racing, and get pumped.
Stay Alpha!

(Sorry if that seemed a little rushed. I wrote up the entire thing, which was longer and more detailed, and then managed to refresh the page by mistake and wiped the whole damn thing...)


I may as well get the ball rolling. So follow suit.

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Great Chaparral Circuit
High-octane racing through the hills of Great Chaparral and Route 68. Master those corners for a record breaking performance.
Link: http://rsg.ms/1fV153T

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Pala Springs Rally
Rally Circuit
Pala Springs is holding its annual rally track day event all through-out spring. So come on down with your custom cars, and race amongst the kings of Rally in this one mile Circuit!
Link: http://rsg.ms/Rb220v

GTAO Wishlist

31 December 2013 - 01:59 PM

We had this topic for GTAV, and GTAO is a long term evolving experience, so there's no reason why there shouldn't be a list of ideas, or extremely needed elements to make GTAO a better place to play.

Got a game element, location, mechanic, item or DLC idea? Add it here, and hopefully R* will one day see it, and give the fans what they want.

I'll start by adding the things that i want, many of them crew related:

Game Elements:

More Buyable Properties (Not just apartments. Houses, and mansions too).

Crew Money & Investments. By performing well as a crew, in deathmatches, races, and more, there should be 'Crew Cash'. Which can be saved up, and then used to buy crew properties like businesses, crew cars, crew hideouts, and so much more. The leader and his commissioners are the only ones that can spend the money. Hideouts, and money launderers can also be attacked by other crews, to steal the cash, so splitting the money up into different 'investments' is the best way to keep your empire.

Crew Vs Crew Freemode. With Crew based elements. (where it only lets two crews in a freemode, and gives us the options to attack each other's crew Bases/Hideouts and more etc).

Crew Notoriety. Some of the top crews should be added to the game, dynamically in freemode as NPC, and even gang attacks. Just like the Ballas, The Lost etc. (If a crew performs well, the top 5 crews worldwide should have their crew, vehicle & colors added to the game, as a real gang somewhere in the map, to give the world another sense of living. This will give crews a real drive to compete also).

A Story Element. (Give the player a purpose, even if it has no eventual end, it needs more structure, and sense of being. So make Jobs more cinematic, givwe them better cutscenes, and more of them. The intro of GTAO was the sort of cinematic experience we should be getting from jobs and heists).

More Creation Tools. R* did say they will add to these as time go by, but i want to expand my thoughts on exactly what it is i want from these tools.
Survival Tools - I want to be able to make a survival mode anywhere i want, with the options of which gang, or even pedestrian to use as the attackers, as well as weapon and vehicle placement.
Basic Job Tools - I want to be able to create scenarios where there's a target or multiple targets (living or non-living), an enemy (to protect the target), and multiple objectives throughout the process.There's a couple of the Lester Missions online that had these elements, which involved hacking devices, stealing packages, and or vehicles, and delivering them to another location, whilst being attacked.

Misc Wishes:

Hydraulics in the Mod Shop. (Specifically for low riders, and sorts).

Crew Logo Placement. (I'm still getting bugs with logos on jackets, but i think they should just overhaul the logos, and actually give us the option to place the logo anywhere on characters & vehicles, and also have more than 1 logo placement).

Feel free to add whatever you like to this list. Ideas are endless, the more ideas (as simple or as elaborate as you like) the better. Give R* something to chew on, to make GTAO a real MMO experience!


28 November 2013 - 09:45 AM

So the phrase "Bitcoin" is being chucked around the net a lot these days, and it seems to be growing momentum. I understand the concept that you let your computer solve mathematical algorithms that get sent to a large server in order to be rewarded Bitcoins that can be spent like real money or even traded for real money.

But how the hell did it become an acceptable currency, and how is it not possible to just "mine" millions of bitcoins and then become rich? I guess what i'm trying to say is, how is the bitcoin made, which makes it acceptable to use as a worldwide currency? The only thing i can think of is that the bitcoin is so mathematically complex, that is requires a fair bit of computer power and electricity to mine, therefore converting your hard earn't cash into a bitcoin from the server as a payout? Fuck if i know, someone enlighten me.

For those of you that don't know what a bitcoin is:

And whilst i'm here, i had a random thought. Could the bitcoin become the world's most accepted currency in the future for online purchases?

Psychiatric Reports [Spoilers Maybe]

24 September 2013 - 10:14 AM

Post your reports here. You can see it after the credits roll, or access it on the SocialClub > GTAV> Missions> Psychiatric Report.

I'm lazy so i just took a picture of mine.
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Custom Race Creations

16 September 2013 - 10:25 AM

Using the first creation tools provided by R*, you will be able to create your own custom courses or circuits. Use this thread to share, like and race each others fabulous creations.