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  1. Looking back at my clips, I have to say the wickerman is probably my funniest job. Me and BMX spent a few minutes just saying hi to each other His attempt to get away Denied Weev gets in on it This happens Driving along in the pink limo with BMX and Bones. I wasn't sure what happened until I got on the clip. Jizzy Happened Scooter Race. Bones says hi to Kuz. Right after that, I say hi to Bones. Here is where Fanboy said hi to me. He was lagging so hard he somehow hit me even though he was way back there. What a dick. Hay Jizzy, Hi. One more "hi" before you hit the ground ...right on the noggin. The Wickerman. Taking out a hippy. Jizzy with some fireboms on Bones and Weev. Kuz gets the bag Fanboy in to stop him. He takes out Weev. But Bones and Kuz's moltovs fuck him over. Me with some firebombs Kuz, Jizzy, Weev and Me. Weev dies Jizzy gets the bag and jumps off the wicker-cock. Will he survive? ...no he wont. But that did distract Bones. Nice place to take a seat, brah. Kuz also wants a little. here Kuz, have a little. Bones having a fall The cluster-fuck during Nascar. This was my fault actually lol. Whoops. Fanboy and Bones with some air. The ditch that everyone fucks up on this corner. And finally, I smack Bone's character after he leaves the lobby. Gave'er a pretty good wallop lmfao That's a pretty good note to end on.
  2. Funny we all dressed the part ( except Kuz ) but did really nothing theme orientated lol. I'll probably have some shit posted tonight.
  3. Yeah Saturday is going to be pretty awesome.
  4. Well, it's not too unusual for people to have dinner plans on Valentines day lol
  5. YAY! Hey R2, I know you wanted the Muscle Car theme. Just let us know if you can't make it that week and we can move it.
  6. Well you can't make a private poll in a twitter message. But we can just use this https://goo.gl/MFkJUz or ANY poll maker. Message it around. Have people vote. Here on the forums its not going to work. Not enough people check the forum I think. I'm going to copy and paste that in to IGTA chat on psn too. Should work well.
  7. O right, the fallout release. Yea fuck GTA when that came out.
  8. O yeah, LBP. I've edited the first post accordingly.
  9. Holy fuck, you're still alive. So crew night never happened. I think that is a first. We've had late starts before. And small lobbies. But that's a first. Took 3 years. I say we did pretty good lol. Plus the circumstances. Dup, R2 = no psn Bones = GTA hiatus Me = head was fucking killing me. Plus my co-worker told me he wants do join us again sometime but his girlfriend turned their tuesdays into date night lol. Fuck eh
  10. edit fuck it though. If it wins in our private poll next time around and the most people want to do it. then we'll do that shit until we're bored of it.
  11. That's because randoms probably voted as well. And they have no idea what the other themes mean. I love the poll idea. Not that Apocalypse wouldn't be cool again. If we do it so often it will get stale Maybe put the poll in the iGTA twitter chat? is that possible? That or we could just post in the iGTA chat and people can just reply with what they want
  12. Junkers would be good too. It's way too early to do Apocalypse again.
  13. I love the idea of the poll
  14. Yeah right. IRL I bet you lol'd
  15. Biography Formed in 1988, the band released their only album to date "Extravasation"in 1992, after which they split. https://www.facebook.com/pg/Aspid-100180443373947/about/?ref=page_internal not on spotify