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  1. Dup's Triathlon. It was really cool but it's hard to get ahead of anyone. It needs more obstacles. When we all enter the water The sign that clearly says ALM. At the stables This looks bad, but I swear I didn't actually blow that up. This guy got it too lol Some fun with a heli. Casey's turn Muddy Marksman! Who kills who between Weev and Casey? Casey's down but enter Red. So Red gets Weev, but Kuz is going for the gun bunt. He even calls it like at the end of a game of pool. Kuz: "GUN BUUUNNNT!" But Kuz fails, and Red gun bunts Kuz. And Kuz looks like an idiot. Me killing Red And I trample him on the way down. Kuz does get plenty of gun bunts in despite that first attempt. On Bones here. Weev shoots Red, possibly saving Kuz's ass. And the legs go up. Who kills Bones here? Me or gtagrl? I shall investigate. I get the first shot, but it's not the head. So it was probably gtagrl. We reload at the same time lol. Hey Casey... I was going to say hi but I need to find out what happened to Bones and Kuz right under you. Ok, so gun bunt on Bones. Oooo, gun bunt on Kuz from Casey. Bones with a long shot on gtagrl. Just as Kuz is getting another gun bunt. Clearly he wasn't shooting his gun at all the entire match. Just so Kuz can't say he wasn't in enough photos. Yeah, on Bones too. Gtagrl and Red's body still on the ground. All that in one clip. But enter Casey....holding nothing... then Kuz flops over dead for no reason as Casey takes cover? Dafuq. Now Casey flops dead as Weev shoot no where near her. Lag much? O the horror! Bit of a traffic jam in Nemo's race. I'm the genius going around it. Yup, I'm so smRt. Kuz and gtagrl up front as I am rolling in the distance. Casey and Red were nice enough to try and help me get my back on my wheels. So I then return the favor for Casey. End.
  2. Play with Jason. He has purple boots. I did this. Upcoming Events: Jan 24th - Rock & Roll Night Jan 31st - Dapper Animals Feb 7th - Crew Blue that cool ?
  3. lmfao yeah I guess that is all I was doing to be fair. I'll post the shit but let some else work out the theme calendar.
  4. I think it is a bit. I still like playing jobs. I'm still not convinced of that. R2 shows up randomly and never knows what the theme is. Old-Skooler was missing this week but he isn't on the forum. Red showed up late. Bones is burnt out on the game. Fanboy had company. Everyone else that was there for lowrider night came this week. PS, if we're going more theme stuff I am game. But likely wont be making the topics. I'm not enthusiastic about them enough anymore to pep them up for the first post.
  5. Fuck, it is a screaming black frog.
  6. I say we all wear horse heads in honour of Fanboy ( and you did that the other week when I was away and feel left out )
  7. Yeah, those long shirts that look like dresses are trendy. Thanks American Apparel. ...they're good at guitar though
  8. TUE JAN 17 - 6PM (EST) 11PM (GMT) --- Join us this Tuesday for iGTA Crew Night! #shenanigans, user create jobs, photo ops, streaming, etc... Stay as long as you like, but please share your experience here with us for all to enjoy! Pics, videos, stories... Crew Nights are always told from multiple viewpoints, so please tell us your side of the story! If you created a new job, post a link here so we can try and get it into a playlist! --- Theme: I say fuck a theme this week. We should all dress retarded and do whatever. It will be as pointless as the hot chick that is in that music video. Click for tits, AMIRITE!? Of course we will play all new jobs. --- Guidelines: * Join the iGTA community here, or befriend one of us to join the Crew. (via Social Club, PSN, Twitter, Instagram, IRL, etc.) * Add some of us on the Playstation Network to get invited. (PSN Names are underneath our Avatars) * You can join whenever, but the earlier the better. Ask for an invite if you want in. (We'll try to start the night out in a crew lobby to make things easier) * If there's an "EVENT THEME", please dress appropriately. (If you don't, stay away from crew activities and play alone) * NO CREW KILLING, unless #shenanigans happen or agreed upon. (This rule will now be further enforced due to recent engagements) * NO DIRTY RACING! Also, listen to us if there's specific rules for a job. (A number of our jobs have specific rules, try to pay attention) * NO BULLET-PROOF HELMETS during competitive play. It ruins the balance of the matches. (Not been an issue yet, don't make it one) * NO CONSUMING OF SNACKS during competitive play. Be a man and die with honor. (Not been an issue yet, don't make it one) * No going off-radar in competitive matches. (Not been an issue yet, don't make it one) * Don't ruin someone's Photo or Video if they're trying to set something up. (This can, and will get you, kicked from the session, no sabotaging on Crew Nights) ...we'll add more as we go if needed. --- Upcoming Events: Jan 24th - Rock & Roll Night Jan 31st - Dapper Animals Feb 7th - Crew Blue (Events Subject to Change Depending on Crew Thoughts or When Rockstar Releases New DLC) Other Suggestions (so far): Rally Car Night, Rockabilly Night, GTA Night, Vinewood Night, Business Night, Wrestling/Fight Night, Motocross Night, Purge Night, FIB Night, Rock & Roll Night (KISS), Dapper Animals, Underpants Party Reoccurring Themes: Crew Blue Night, Drift Night, Stunt Night, Off-Road Night, BMX Night, Lowriders Night, 80s Night, Apocalypse Night, MC Night
  9. So next week, what do we think?
  10. here is the dude gtagrl was trying to grenade during the first car line up. here is the fence post the grenade bounced off of and was sent back towards the cars. Here is the destruction it caused Here is Red Dragon's first experience of an iGTA car line up ....yeah So we started over. Me and Goose Line up on the car park Red gets his slide on Dup's car ]] Going to the car wash with Bones and Fanboy gtagrl, since you've never finished it, I got some pictures of the end of my race. Here is the vertical tunnel with the gates. Fanboy lines up the shot on gtagrl this is all I could see. not sure where the body went lol. This grenade is going to pay a little visit to Dup. Dup actually sent one to visit old-skooler right before he died. And they were visited at the same time. Weev, you have a visitor ( yeah, I'm doing a whole "visit" thing now ) So do you Fanboy Dup with the bomb He gets R2. Here's a good shot by Red heading right for Weev. Just a few bombs out. Enjoy those Goosey Didn't bother with the before shot. these started to pile up lol. Here I kill Weev. Visitor for Old-Skooler and one for r2 Before I killed him. R2 sends one out. I wonder who is in there. O, it's gtagrl Fanboy with a nade on Bones Someone killed R2 here. It was hard to track down. See, the grenade came from the other direction but bounced off this train car Looks like it came from Red. Tracking down the origins of the explosions takes a long time sometimes. Someone killed Red after that too. I was done trying to figure out who it was lol. The rest are just me killing. One for Bones One for Goose R2 again Weev Old-skooler's race It was a gta race. There's a rocket for Bones. Weev and Goose have an accident You really forget you are at the airport in this race. Bones A rocket for gtagrl And R2 gets a pass My co-worker ( No Hope Petrie ) and I collide When Petrie left the lobby and became a pedestrian Dup's urban jungle. Killing Old-skooler Kuz Fanboy A pretty epic fist fight with Bones during Old-skooler's sniper match fucking spotify lol I finally kill him with a strange kung-fu looking push. Dup jumps off the container and someone shoots him as he enters the air It sent him flying Killing gtagrl Bones, where were you on that one? And explosion kills gtagrl through the floor. Not sure where it came from And over the fence she goes. end
  11. I like it rally style
  12. yeah I'm usually good to 11:30 my buddy/co-worker just got GTA. He might be joining us.
  13. I bet the price tag is horseshit.
  14. I just meant I don't expect people to dress up gangster.
  15. I say no dress code. Just bring out a car and make that shit bounce. People dont't want to overthink themes these days Dress appropriately if you want. edit Too be fair though, I would prefer at least to avoid the stupid masks/underwear/deadline outfit/purple pasties/ect as Bones mentioned. It's just super distracting in pics.