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Far Cry 3

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I don't know if i should by far cry 3 or not. Should I or not?

I would say buy it.

It was definitely my favourite game of 2012. Get it if you want an absorbing game world almost on par with an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game. Although their worlds are probably more indepth, the combat in Far Cry 3 is perfect and makes traversing the world unbelievably satisfying. Some say the Story is the games weak point, but I think if you have half a brain cell in your head you will work out the underlying themes and metaphors hidden in it's events and great characters.

Ultimately if you think of yourself as a gamer, you will certainly like this game ( and even if you're more casual you should still like it ). Plus if every game released was this good, no one would ever have anything to complain about anymore, period.

If only we lived in a perfect world. :whistle:

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So instead of access to those other islands, we get an 80's action sci-fi shooter? Awesome?

Weren't Ubisoft listening? We want DINOSAURS!!!! Seriously though, I'm interested to see what happens with this. The 3 soundtrack songs released so far sound very Terminator-ish.

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Late to the party on this game but it is fucking awesome, even for the casuals!! Finally a game with characters who have the same accent as me (The Rakyat have Maori/ NZ accents) If only it were 3rd person though.....

There are so many "OMFG" moments....

Has anyone tried Blood Dragon?? That looks like a game to play while tripping.....

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