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I got to follow ortis around again because i was too stupid to see anything the first time.

I might just kill him.l. I dont got 200 caps just lying around after buying the mark 2 armor.ll

You should go and see if The King will give you the mission again. He will fund the mission.

Don't kill him or you can't do the mission, and it needs to get done.

I would re-load a previous save if you have one, and do the mission for King to check him out.

Note: It helps to have high medical for Orris, as the last part of the mission gives you a different outcome

if you tell him the real story about his buddies. Speech and Medical. (Y)

About the MKII Armor, you never need to buy it, it is found on dead guys in at least 3 locations.

@DiO: Mis-spelling. Try searching Orris the bodyguard and the mission is G.I. Blues. FNV

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stop it dude, you're making me all teary-eyed and nostalgic... here you are, bragging about experiencing the joys of fallout 3 as a fresh vault dweller... i wish i could experience that first time again :(... once you're done with this new character, you should move on to new vegas :D...

btw, we both did an evil black guy for our second file, lol...

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haha yah my first thought was I was going to be a thief, and this game doesnt have "thief" races like argonian or khajiit that always get discriminated against so I had to make a black guy.

then once i decided to make jules i was stoked.

i'll probably make a 3rd character and play one the game with a total conversion mod. there are a few out there.

wanna do this

and then these total conversions

went back to my cracker so I can be a biker for a bit. its hard to drive and you fall off pretty easily. really cool mod tho


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^^WTF?? :lol: HALT JEW!!

countless hours in fallout?? lets see, over 300 hours in fallout 3 (not counting the 100 hour file i some how deleted), 400 hours in new vegas... ohh, and the new file i started up a few months ago in fallout 3 which i got to something like 75 hours...

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Ive bin playing the Mothership Zeta crew mod and its fucking awesome

Underwater base, new alien creature to kill, you go to moscow. here are some screens of moscow. ill get some of the underwater base







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