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iGTA MP Event - Nov. 10 (PS3)

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MON NOV 10 ~ 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT


Join us for some Multiplayer fun this Monday! We'll be playing Deathmatches, Captures, LTS's and Races created by our very own forum members... and then of course the usual Freeroam/Shenanigans before and afterwards, perhaps even missions when the numbers dwindle down a bit. It stops when we all go our separate ways, so stay as long as you like!

Take some photos and share them here! Any picture shared is better than no picture shared at all! Don't be shy...






DRESS LIKE THE STARS!! or dress like one of their characters in your favorite movie! i know it'll be hard to dress as actors, there's only so many distinct looks and most of the online characters look the same anyways... but if you think you can do it, then go for it... otherwise, pick a character from a movie, or a TV show...

there's a lot of creative ideas out there already on this one, so please mention who you're going to be so no one shows up dressed the same... that'd be hilarious to see the awkward moment, but this isn't comicon :lol:..

also, there's ops for pics as well... someone had mentioned a red carpet pic, perfect for those who look like celebrities... and we could act out a movie scene for those dressed as characters... this also means we might need floater characters, people to dress the part in a supporting role...

let's see if we can win an oscar! or an emmy! or a razzie :lol:...


The Jackals: (post here to join)

bOnEs (the crow)

Mercy (lara croft)

JustAn (jared leto)

Ace (george carlin)

DupZ0r (jules winfield/christopher walken)

DiO (johnny depp/uma thurman)

Kuz (TWD glenn)

gtagrl (n/a)

SaboteurSniper (bruce willis)

...and various friends of the crew who are usually down for iGTA night...


Past Events:

NOV 11 | NOV 18 | NOV 25 | DEC 02 | DEC 10 | DEC 16 | DEC 23

DEC 30 | JAN 06 | JAN 13 | JAN 20 | JAN 27 | FEB 03 | FEB 10

FEB 17 | FEB 24 | MAR 3 | MAR 10 | MAR 17 | MAR 24 | MAR 31

APR 07 | APR 14 | APR 21 | APR 28 | MAY 05 | MAY 13 | MAY 19

MAY 26 | JUN 02 | JUN 09 | JUN 16 | JUN 23 | JUN 30 | JUL 07

JUL 14 | JUL 21 | JUL 28 | AUG 04 | AUG 11 | AUG 18 | AUG 26

SEP 01 | SEP 08 | SEP 15 | SEP 22 | SEP 29 | OCT 06 | OCT 13

OCT 27 | NOV 03

^^HEY LOOK!! ^^


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I'm Johnny Depp for sure.

For playlists tho I for sure want to use my 2nd account for the RP. I also have a character I intended to be jules winfield. Tho we established he is already the president from any movie that had a black president. If anyone can put a name to who that may be, help me out.

My chick, IDK. does she look like anyone?


my playlist

if anyone makes one, make sure is doesnt have these jobs

Jobs that can work if someone else wants to put together a list.

Viva la Vinewood - race from Kuz

Bad Manors by me. New one. capture the coke

Jump Around. race by bones. Bones this one is in the right area so you can put it in

Jump through the hills. race by bmxog

Vinewood Assassinations by dup. its an LTS so probably wont show up in your list. Unless dup makes this playlist

Fame and Fortune - capture by dup again. this one is perfect

we had some gripes with the bases being hard to deliver too but it was still pretty interesting

Rooftop Fumble - race by dup -

its a stunt one. probably pretty hard lol

Deathmatch with tanks and shit, by dup in the hills of vinewood. i forget what we thought about this one. i thought it was interesting. tho my tank got fucked early then i was SOL.

Bones has a race with roosevelts in vinewood too. but i now what its called

that's all i could think of

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kate beckinsale from underworld?? maybe? still not sure who i want to be...


@gtagrl, there's uma thurman in pulp fiction, there's segourney weaver in alien, umm... keep thinking, something will pop up... i kind of know already what i am gonna dress my dude up as, but it'll have to wait until after work to see if i can pull it off...

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I think I'll try being Glenn from TWD.

Bruce Lee is another idea but I don't know if I have the clothing options for it. Plus my characters 10 year old body doesn't really help at all with that look.

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Be Jodie Foster. Someone else can be Steve Antin, and the other guy. Then, you just have to find a pinball machine, and...

inb4 no one gets the reference

Are you referencing that shitty 80s flick?

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i may be pulp fiction uma


pretty easy. flip flops with lack of bare feet. white shirt, black pants.

gtagrl, ur chick is tan sometimes lol

you could be Hjennifer Hlopez

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^Yeah, that one's perfect, there's even the right haircut. (Y)

JLo you say...very plausible, she could pass for that. I'd should probably remove all my tattoos. Once you buy one, do you have to pay for it again? I can't remember. I like my grl inky, but have no problem cleaning her off for a night.

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Bookmarked all those jobs, DiO. I'll build a playlist when I'm on later tonight, thanks for the links.

I haven't been in the creator in a while, might have a look-see.

So if we have a Jules, Vinnie and Mia, we need to set up a Pulp Fiction shot whenever DiO gets online...

Cersei Lannister... :lol: Medieval DLC FTR

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