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iGTA MP Event - Jul. 28 (PS3)

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MON JULY 28 ~ 6 PM EST / 11 PM GMT


Banner brought to you by bOnEs


Join us for some Multiplayer fun this MONDAY! We'll be playing Deathmatches, Captures, and Races created by our very own forum members... and then of course the usual Freeroam/Shenanigans before and afterwards, perhaps even missions when the numbers dwindle down a bit. It stops when we all go our separate ways, so stay as long as you like!

Take some photos and share them here! Your Snapmatic might be featured in next week's banner!



crew blue again, or does anyone have a theme idea?? also, i excluded some of our awesome modded lobby pics in favor of more R* friendly pics earlier this week, and it paid off in a mention by them on twitter... anyways, sorry it took so long to post this, but if anyone has any ideas about a possible theme, just throw it out there and we'll debate 'em ;)...

and whoever puts togther a playlist, throw in dup's domb da base since none of us have played in it months, yet, the gta community has been playing it a lot... 74% rating, not bad...


The Jackals: (post here to join)









...and various friends and guys from the skatefluckit crew...


Past Events:

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Well I'm almost done apocyliptica 4 so if you want we could do an apocyliptica playlist to celebrate the return of Ace ;)

i'd hold off on that theme and give more people a chance to make jobs that would fit it. maybe even wait for some dlc as bones said. clothing options limited

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i wonder what happened to sniper... he took that awesome photo in the banner but never posted it here... and i haven't seen him on twitter or here since... i hope our shenanigans didn't piss him off or something :P... he really needs to get a mic...

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so it's a crew blue night once again... don't worry folks, if we're planning now for themed events, it'll make them that much better in the coming weeks... i think we could even sneak in a beach night as well, with boating, beach gear, and beach races and matches...

so we got camping next week... beach night (?), and a possible apocalyptic night as well... all of these will need job planning, but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves just yet... dress in blue for tonight ;)...

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