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  1. Maybe it takes place at the same time as GTA IV and somehow the two become interconnected in ways we wouldn't normally realize. Just a thought.
  2. He is on one song called "Martians vs. Goblins". Would be a dope song had they not had Lil Wayne on the fucking hook. Fuck him.
  3. They might check it, but there's no promise that means their system is foolproof, since the game might only freeze at certain points.
  4. You should indulge more, my friend. I'm the same, I heard Yonkers pretty much immediatly after it was released on Youtube, I have a hipster friend who is up to date on all the underground shit that is about to blow up. Listened to it and I knew it was going to do something. One month later, boom. Been hooked since. The musical group itself ranges from 17 to like 23, but Odd Future is much larger than a music group. More like a huge collective of skaters, photograpers, artists, producers, all kinds of shit. They go like 80 deep, but only about 10 of them get alot of attention. I'm assuming you heard Yonkers or EARL. I don't know what kind of shit you listen to, but some good Earl might change your mind. Not all of their stuff is about rape and shit. Fail. Don't see an "edit" button. How to embed YT videos? I tried because that's what I'm used to.
  5. Even though GTA IV (standalone, not the expansions... sadly never got to play them) didn't have the same fun factor, we still found things to do. They just weren't handed to us. Sniping from rooftops which wouldn't normally be accessible in other GTA games (at least without an aircraft), drunk NASCAR, trying to see how far you could get Niko to fly out of the windshield, I dunno, there were lots of things.
  6. I would like Hopsin had I not gotten into Em's SSLP first. Then I realized it was a blatant rip off and I feel like Hopsin has absolutely no style of his own. He says all that Eminem says but is also able to use the race card if he so pleases. I still consider myself a fan, because he is 10000000 times better than what Eminem is now (relapse grew on me but recovery was total shit), among other radio rappers. The only thing I REALLY don't like about him is the beef with Tyler, the Creator that he had. He accuses Tyler of being a shock artist, but it doesn't seem to have occurred to Hopsin that he has more shock tracks than Tyler does. Tyler uses shock to gain attention, and redirects all of it to his other music. In anything I've heard from Hopsin, it's constant dissing/shock lyrics/etc. I still have no beef on Hopsin though, he's cool I guess.
  7. Brucie and Jacob. I thought Dwayne and Playboy were entertaining, but relatively boring without having the other one around to contrast with.
  8. I had a (legit.. meaning both cool and legitimate) 2000 Gibson Les Paul stolen from me, along with 5 grand worth of other shit last weekend... Now I'm rocking a Harmony with "LIMP WIZURDZ" written all over it, covered in stickers and spraypaint. Still f'n mad. Getting a Fender Strat this weekend though. Just the fact that it is from the 60's means it must be worth something... But brand-speaking, it's a fairly low end guitar. They're on the same par as Harmony guitars, basically for beginners. However, like I said, it must be worth something if it's that old. And that's hella cool that someone could pass it down for that long and keep it in such condition. Jizz
  9. I used to skate, I've never been able to do tricks, so I spend most of my time on a board just rolling around with friends who actually can skate. I'm hoping to get a DSLR (hopefully a Canon t2i, something in the rebel line) so i can make use of my riding abilities and do videos. got any clips?
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