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  1. Well I have heard people say Varrio Los Aztecas before in the game. But I think they say Aztecas for short lol but I think your right about that, I think it makes sence that VLA would be a Cartel. I do know there's a random event where there's a drug deal gone bad between Aztecas and Triads in Blaine county.
  2. So I've Found Families Hoods (Chamberlain Hills and Strawberry), Ballas hood (Davis), Vagos Hood (Rancho and Cypress Flats), and Marabunta Grandes hood (Fudge Lane in El Burro Heights and Melanoma Street in Vespucci Beach. ) BUT I cannot find VLA's territory ANYWHERE in LS. Should I look in Blaine county or Grand Senora Desert for them? I remember a news report regarding a Aztecas and Marabunta Grande shootout out in Grand Senora Desert so I was thinking if I should check out there? I'm wondering if they're kind of a cartel in this game. I do know you can drive in Blaine county and Randomy see an random event with a drug deal gone bad with Varrio Los Aztecas and some Triads but I'm wondering if they have a legit territory out in the desert or blaine county ?
  3. Those Marabunta Grande foos look dope lol some MS13 clones ahahah, I feel like they could of modeled Vagos after Playboy Surenos 13 in south central, and VLA after some 18st clicks. And actually give VLA a fuckin territory in LS lmao
  4. So What Street Gangs & Other Criminal Organizations Have You Guys Noticed? These are the names of street gangs and other criminal organizations that are in the game. #African-American Gangs... * Families (Green) (Chamberlain Hills, Strawberry)(Most active on Forum Drive.) -Chamberlain Gangsta Families (CGF , The Hills, Killer Hills.) (Territory ALL of Chamberlain Hills) -Forum Drive Families (FDF)(Share Forum Drive in Chamberlain Hills) -Carson Avenue Families (CAF) (Owns part of Carson Ave, Ballas own other half.)(At war with CGF). -Ballas (Own all of Davis, most active on Grove St., Brouge Ave., and Covenant Ave.) #Hispanic Street Gangs and Cartels -Los Santos Vagos (LSV)(Yellow)(ALL of Rancho and Part of Cypress Flats in El Burro Heights.) (Most active on Jamestown St. Rancho and Innocence Blvd in Cypress Flats.) -Marabunta Grande (MBG) (Blue)(Own Apartments Melanoma St. In Vespucci Beach and Fudge Lane in El Burro Heights.) (Most Active in El Burro Heights.) -Varrio Los Aztecas (VLA) (Teal) (at war with Marabunta Grande over drug and weapons trafficing) (Became kind of a Cartel I guess because they own no turf in LS which is kind of dumb.) -Madrazo Cartel #Asian Criminal Organizations - Chinese Triads #Bikergangs -The Lost MC #Italian-American Mafia
  5. As for the whole "Gangs arent important in GTA V" conversation, well apparently to one of the developers of the game “So in the game, part of the element of the story is that there’s these gangs, these rival gangs.” “There’s black gangs, there’s Latino gangs, and we recruited a guy who gets gang members, like actual gang members, real gang members. I mean, El Salvadorian gang dudes with amazing tattoos and one of which literally had gotten out of prison the day before." “And we brought these guys in to record the gang characters because, you know, you don't want a goofy LA actor who went to a fancy school trying to be a hard gang member. There's nothing worse than that. So just go find the real, terrifying people and say, ‘Can you come in here please?’ And they look at the lines and they say, ‘I wouldn’t say that. If I was upset at another gang, I wouldn't say that.’ So, well, then say what you would say. Authenticity, you know? “There’s a lot of sessions that we would have where we would just throw the script on the floor and be, like, 'This thing we wrote is irrelevant, let’s actually work out something real." So I guess Street Gangs are important to atleast Franklin's story, even Trevor's story because he battles the LOST MC and go's with Franklin to kill some Rival Gangmembers. Mob and Mafia are the same thing bro, but yeah I could see that happening too. Maybe Franklin doesn't want to be in Families anymore but his past catches up with him so hence he gets back in it.
  6. Well according to people who LIVE in that environment and people who cant afford to live in Chatsworth, Beverly Hills, Rancho Cucamonga, Valencia, or any other fucking fancy place that shit affects them. They're still relevant according to the people that live in shitty dangerous neighborhoods. I live on San Gabriel Ave. (Im going to say where exactly because I don't want my personal info on the internet but I will say the one of the streets) in Southgate (Mainly ALL Sureno gangs), the gang that controls my neighborhood is called Southside PlayBoy Surenos 13 or S/S PBS 13. Theres PBS graffiti EVERYWHERE on my block, with some slashes by W/S 18 St. King Blvd Gangsters. An down the street from here is Tweedy Blvd and California Ave. in which another another notorious gang called Southside Florencia 13 or S/S F13 territory is located on. If you knew LA you would know that those 3 hoods are some of the BIGGEST and DANGEROUS SURENO gangs. Forever been having a LONG gangwar. Theres gunshots atleast a couple times every other weekend. Ive had bullets fly into my house almost hitting my grandma so I take that very personal because where I live these gangs are ORGANIZED and GENERATIONAL aren't relevant because the Police and Media don't seem to think its not relevent. It's so fucked up because Ive lost friends to the system, bullets, knifes because of this dumb shit. Yes I agree some people in gangs can be petty but also your forgetting theres a reason they've been around since the 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, and in some case of Mexican gangs the 1890s its because the hierarchy of a lot of these street gangs are ORGANIZED. Yeah LA has calmed down since the 80s and 90s (the HEIGHT of LA's Gangwars) but theres still gang violence all over LA County, from South LA, To South Central, To Long Beach, To Some Areas of West LA, To East LA, To Northeast LA, To the San Fernando Valley, To the Antelope Valley. Also the last one I saw with some good aspects of some areas of LA was "End of Watch". Yeah the Cartels are too. I was seeing a documentary like a couple monthes ago about the Chicago Outfit and the Five Families of New Yourk City. The FBI said they just got they're BIGGEST mafia bust since the 70s. Apparently they're getting more organized and dangerous since there feet were swept out from under them in the 90s. They're getting into the "Green Energy" business lol , FBI said they aren't going no where but who knows.
  7. Ummmm I don't know what your talking about because Los Angeles (Southgate) I live in is the gang capital of the world lol theres over hundereds of Crip, Blood, and Hoover Criminal gangs spread all over LA County including LA, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, and Antelope Valleys. An over atleast a thousands of Sureno gang's spread ALL over LA County (LA, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Antelope Valleys. With like 15 Maravilla gangs in Boyle Heights. Theres over a hundred Asian gangs spread ALL over LA County like LA, Long Beach, and the San Fernando Valley. The streets of LA is definitely about Street Gangs and Tag Crews. It's not as nearly as crazy as it was in the 80's or 90's but people still die over that shit. I'm sure it's safe to say that FAMILIES, BALLAS, VAGOS, & LOST MC are in it. Im sure the "Varrio Los Aztecas or VLA" will be back aswell, along with maybe 1 new black hood and Hispanic hood. Maybe 2 new Asian street gangs too. Also another MC Gang too. Im expecting an Armenian Mafia, Chinese Triad, and Russian Mafia. They should add the Cosa Nostra Mafia Familys because in REAL life LA theres a small mafia outfit working and operating with help from the Chicago outfit.
  8. Well those 4 are confirmed. I would also think "Varrio Los Aztecas or VLA" will be back in the game. Possibly maybe one more Black and Latino gang too. Also would like to see 2 Asian street gangs, like possibly based on "Tiny Raskal Gang or TRG" and "Asian Boyz or ABZ" . Also I would think the Angels of Death MC are in it too. An also the Armenian Mafia, Chinese Triads, Russian Mafia, and a small La Cosa Nostra Outfit or Family seeing how in Real life Los Angeles there is an Mafia Family operating with huge ties to the Chicago Outfit.
  9. Asian gangs in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley) – Northern section Akrho Pinoy (AKP) Asian Boyz, Van Nuys (ABZ/ABS) Asian Boys, Van Nuys (ABS) – West Valley area Granada Hills Pinoy Real (PR) Ken Side Wah Ching (KWC) Jefrox (JFX) Judas 13 (J13) Korean Mobsters (KM) Luzon Visaya Mobsters (LVM) North Side Satanas (STS) North Side Bahala Na Gang (NS BNG) Pinoy Boys Gang (PBG) Real Pinoy Brothers (RPB) Seoul BoyZ (SBZ) Tau Gamma Pinoy (TGP) Valley Side Temple Street (TST) “Pinoy Locos” Valley Side Jefrox (JFX) Asian gangs in Long Beach Asian Boyz Crips, Eastside (ABZ) Asian Boyz Crips, Northside (ABZ) Crazy Brothers Clan Easy Boys [defunct] Exotic Foreign Creation Coterie (EFCC) Korat Boys (KB) Local Boys [defunct] Long Beach Satanas (STS) Nip Crips [defunct] Oriental Boys (OBS) Pinoy Real [defunct] Sons of Samoa (SOS) Suicidal Town Temple Street (TST) Tiny Rascal Gang (TRG) Westside Islanders Asian Gangs in Los Angeles City (Southern & Central areas) Atwater Village Pinoy Real (PR) Asian Boyz Insanity (ABI) Asian Criminals (ACS) Avenue Oxford Boys (AOB) Born To Kill Gang (BTK) Cambodian Boyz China Town Boyz (CTB) Crazys (CYS) – may be inactive Fliptown Mob (FTM) Flipside Trece (FS13) Ken Side Wah Ching (KSWC) Korean Play Boys (KPB) Korean Pride (KP) Korea Town Gangsters (KTG) Korea Town Mobsters (KTM) Last Generation Korean Killers (LGKK Maplewood Jefrox (JFX) LA Oriental Boys (LAOB) Lost Boys (LB) Mental BoyZ (MBZ) Oriental Lazy Boys (OLB) Rebel Boys (RBS) Sonny Side Wah Ching (SSWC) LA Satanas (STS) Silly Boys (SYB) Temple Street (TST) Tau Gamma Pinoy (TGP) Tres Cantos (TCS) Vietnamese Boyz (VBZ) White Dragon (WD) LOL Thats just some of the asain gangs in LA County .
  10. I would through some Brotha Lynch Hung( 24 Deep, Had 2 Gat Cha, Grow-N-Da-Garden, Bloccstyle, Refuse To Lose, Rest In Piss, Liqour Sicc.) and some B.G. Knocc Out and Gangsta Dresta(Whose The G?, Do or Die, Down Goes Another Nigga, Micc Checc) and some Cypress Hill (Inhale Exhale, Illusions) and some Eazy-E(Eastside Drama, Boyz-N-Da-Hood, Luv 4 Dem Gangstaz, Gangsta Beat For The Street, Sippon on a 40, I would rather fuck you, Ole' School Shit.) and some Game(Where Im 4rm, The Documentry, Start From Scratch, Ol' English, Soldier, #1) and some RBL Posse(Blue Bird On My Shoulder, I Got My 9, Listen To My Creep, Niggaz On My Jock, A Glock Here A Glock There, Deeper and Deeper) and Westside Connection(Gangsta Nation, Bow Down, Do You Like Criminals, The Gangsta The Killa and The Dope Dealer) AND I KNOW they DO have Warren G - Regulate on the tracklist but maybe also Lookin At You, Ghetto Village, Nothing Wrong With You.
  11. Honestly I saw the track list and I really liked it. The one I didn't understand was Geto Boys (Maybe put some Scarface like No Tearz, G-Code, Southside, Soldier Story, Untouchable, My Block, ECT.) because they from Houston (Even though they're Westcoast influenced). But still I hope they're in there , shit they might aswell through some UGK - Look At Me, Trill Ass Nigga, Fuck My Car, ect. LOL or some E.S.G. - Ocean of Funk or Crooked Streets. Shit even some Z-Ro - Tall Tale of a G, Thatz Who I Am, Theze Niggaz, I Found Me, Pain, Still Here, Speak On It, or H.A.T.E. Lmao . Maybe Some SPM - Bloody War, Strapped and Deadly, In My Hood, Real Gangsta, Jackers In My Home, If I Die, Streets On Beats, ect. Shit maybe some fuckin Big Hawk, Big Mello, Fat Pat, ect.
  12. Well seeing from all the niggas wearing purple and green I think its safe to say they're both in it especially because ballas have already been confirmed and in the westcoast classics station dj pooh says something about "families, ballas, and every other hood out there" lol plus theres a pic with the tag "Vagos" in it so im going to guess that the Vagos are in it to, with that said also Varrio Los Aztecas because why bring back 3 gangs but not one? so yeah im gonna say all for orginal hoods are back in with some new hoods probably one more black gang and another latino gang too. Plus The Lost MC is confirmed and probably AOD MC . Along with some Mafias and Triads.
  13. Lmao well i didnt read the whole post so sorry, but it's kinda funny how it's in the GTAV Forum but it's talking bout real gangs. lol most of the poeple commenting dont know shit bout LA. We should move this back to the game gangs. foreal. No, with him and Lamar wearing green and killing guys in purple in his trailer and screenshots, its just one of those.. "Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck." Things I guess. Exactly. Well idk about you but Franklin's character is obviously in the "Green Gang" my guess is it's Grove Street Familes but as you said it could be called "The Families" or someshit. And I gotta disagree, I think Gang's will have an important role in Franklin's STORY. Due to the video. Yeah lol his video made it pretty clear bro .