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  1. Car customization should include: Paint , GPS , Seat Type ( Leather , Metal , Cushioned) , Armor for car including windows , Advanced Radio (so you can listen to Army , LSPD , FIB) , Tires , Bumper , L Plates , Ability for turn signals (if you have conputer keyboard or controller keyboard) , also Car Specs . If they have these features GTA V will be amazingly more amazing .
  2. I hope the Us.Military is there in Los Santos . I can imagine Humvees & Tanks chasing us around the city . Then the Air Force after us if we are in jet . I hope wanted system is like this (1-3 stars LSPD - 4 stars FIB - 5 stars US Military - 6 stars NAVY Seals )
  3. I would love to have a prison . There actually was a prison I would love to have a prison . There actually was a prison in trailer 2 when trevor
  4. We need to protest a eariler release , they have been working on it since Gta 4 , I also recommend people to cancel preorder if possible , 229 days is way too long
  5. What a brilliant observation , I never noticed the cameras but I think they will make a difference in how crimes are commited (like if you wear black mask red shirt twice the cops will think you comitted both , or maybe you can have cameras at your home. I really think that trevor's paranoid friend could have some installed at his trailer.
  6. They should intergate max payne 3's weapon customization opitons but require you to go to a gun shop to modifiy them.... I think it will be pretty cool riding down street with a gold gun with mulitple attachments
  7. I hope its about Trevor this time , and it shows his trailer I hope its about Trevor this time , and it shows his trailer in desert. && in my opinion Franklin doesn't sound interesting ( he is a f**king repo guy)
  8. #1 Map Pack (You can travel to extra counties , there are more enterable buildings , also you can buy safehouses) #2 Player Customization (You can now work out, gain weight , get tattoos , and a variety of hairstyles. #3 Story Pack ( Play a different as a different set of characters) #4 Music (Add new Music to game) #5 Vehicle Pack ( New cars , boats ,and aircraft. Maybe a rv that you can live in) What ever it r* won't disappoint us
  9. I would like to have a home like this one http://www.schoolstrader.com/files/imagecache/large_advert_photo/files/advert_photos/Pool%20and%20house.jpg . Where you live far out from the city , with a garage so dumb a** taxi drivers wont knock your bugati , lambo , jeep ,and any prized car out of its place. Where you can wake travel up the large mountains and see people and their dogs hiking or camping , hear no crazy guy talking about the end of the world. Then go back up the moutains run over the peds and knock the EMS Team down the mountain range.