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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't like it? It looks a bit awkward to me.. especially with the gas-masked face dead centre at the top.
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    Saints Row

    I thought I was the only one. It aggravates me that all the cool features they put into SR2, were removed in SR3. The customisation was whack, no more robberies, no interiors, shit activities (in comparison), a worse and smaller map, less missions/weapons/clothes/properties, worse characters. In fact, the only thing that was better about SR3 was the visuals, I think SR2 got the balance right, I don't enjoy games like SR3, it felt like I was playing Simpsons Hit & Run or something. I don't want to kill zombies and act in sci-fi movies. I just want a hollywood style 'rags to riches' gangster flick, a bit like the older GTA games.
  3. Dang, I forgot ME3 came out this year. I'm sure that will probably steal the show on most counts, which is a shame because ME1 & 2 were better in many respects. For me, it's Far Cry 3 hands down. The other big titles this year have either been way to short (Dishonored, Hitman, Max Payne), or horribly underwhelming (AC3, Sleeping Dogs, and Black Ops 2). I haven't played Halo 4, but I'd imagine that's pretty decent.
  4. Yea I think I read that on Kotaku the other day. It's weird because I didn't really notice it at first, but then once I'd been told about it, I can't stop noticing it. I just hope they do the right thing and patch in AI/Weapons for SP/CoOp user created maps - although I doubt they will, I can more likely see us getting charged for it with a DLC in a few months time.
  5. It's not your connection, it's something an issue that Ubisoft are trying to fix, but not to much avail. On the Ubisoft forums there's a topic they posted about it.. I kind of miss the old Far Cry 2 map/GPS system too, the new HUD radar breaks the immersion a lot.
  6. If anything, I'm more upset about the lack of AI/Vehicles in published maps. It would've been sweet to publish co-op/singleplayer maps. Also, the MP matchmaking is completely fucked, but I guess Far Cry has never been a game for the MP.
  7. About halfway through on the iPad at the moment. Playing VC again has reminded me how much more interesting Miami is, asthetically and culturally in comparison to LA. I really wish R* had taken V to Vice City again, imagine how sweet VC would look with V's gameplay/graphics, plus the map could be expanded dramatically, taking into account Miami's downtown expansion, the everglades/swamps, the Floridian outback, key west, NASA launch sites, etc.. I think that present day Miami would've worked too, the 80's was perhaps its heyday, but when you go to Miami these days, well South Beach anyway, it still feels like the 80's, but with extacy as well as cocaine. I think VC is still R*'s golden child.
  8. I can also certify that this is the game of the year.
  9. Getting it on 360 or PS3? I need someone to co-op with.
  10. Well there could be two ways around the problem. Either you could get your car reinforced so it doesn't take damage anywhere near as easily; or, you can get your car back from a dealership or something for a price. I don't think the infinite respawning that SR3 used would be a good idea to be honest. Also, I think the reason for parking spaces in IV was to do with realism - not many people in NYC have a garage. In LA, garages are pretty common, so I'd imagine we'll see plenty of them.
  11. Get the Mass Effect trilogy, it will take you a while to complete, but with two days you'll have time to really get into the story.
  12. So, I've just finished the whole of season 1 in two days, going to start season 2 tomorrow. Anyone else been following it?
  13. Well that's obvious.. because you can't fly harrier jets in RDR. LOL, that has nothing to do with it. I was pointing out that your logic of "it cant change if it doesnt make a noticable change" doesnt make sense. Are you retarded? My logic is if it ain't broke, don't fix it. GTA's have been an Island for a reason, and that is because it doesn't break flight immersion.
  14. Let hope there's a little less mountainous terrain and a little more towns/forested areas on the actual map, because that map looks boring as hell. That would be a real cheap move on R*s part -"the map is like SA, IV, and RDR combined. but 69% of it is water and mountain..."
  15. Not really, because they change aspects that will affect gameplay value. Whether you're on an Island or a piece of land with invisible walls doesn't do that, so why would they change it?
  16. Why would it be any different from every other GTA entry (bar III)? It will obviously be an island. It just makes sense. There's no point comparing it to RDR, because that's a different franchise, as are Midnight Club and LA Noire. Also, if only this was the map
  17. Yea that's the problem with it. The concept is great, it's just the execution that's dumb.
  18. True story, but I guess if you had a customised car that kept respawning in the garage, then it would be worth it. Likewise, hopefully R* will code it in before release, there's been plenty demand for it on all the forums - and R* are known for listening to their fans.