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  1. I got my username from the quote "Okay Mr Lance Vance Dance!" in GTA Vice City. I liked how "Dance" and "Lance" rhymed with each other, and thus, I created this username.
  2. Yeah, same with me. To me, wrestling was just throwing around a person to the ground and showing off fancy finishing moves. Violence is only good to watch in films and video games, not in real life.
  3. Yeah, same here with me. I won't have to put up with noisy neighbours anymore.
  4. Yeah, I heard about that. I saw it on the news. It was completely random.
  5. What actually matters is the character, not the voice actor. Voices can change, and I find nothing wrong with that.
  6. I hate multiplayer hackers. They ruin the game and spoil things for everybody.
  7. Hi, I'm MrDanceWithLance. I am a GTA fan, having played it since I was Grade 4. The first GTA game I have played was GTA III. As soons as I played it, I got hooked, and I started playing other games from the series. Games I have played include GTA 1, GTA 2, GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV and GTA Chinatown Wars. On my opinion, GTA IV is the best GTA game in the series. It had a great protagonist,m had good characters and had a good storyline, with good gameplay features. It also has great graphics and good realism. GTA San Andreas would come second for me, with GTA Vice City third. My hobbies are reading, playing GTA, browsing the web and watching TV. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and I follow Australian Rules Football and Soccer. My favourite teams are the Hawthorn Hawks, Melbourne Victory and Liverpool FC. Signing out. MrDanceWithLance
  8. It depends on how the pot is used. If it is used for medical purposes, then yes, it should be legal. But if it is used for bad purposes, pot should be banned.
  9. Yeah. Because this time, the meaning is literal. I must admit, it would actually be cool to own a town.
  10. Good thinking. I never realised that until now. Not to offend anybody, but I don't trust that video, and I cerainly don't trust the organisation that made it.
  11. Yeah same. I don't like spicy food. However, I enjoy eating noodles with the flavouring. It makes it taste better. What have I got in my fridge? Milk, meat and vegetables