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  1. I can make a race, once all the details are figured out.
  2. Im pretty sure they have been there... I normally don't play as Michael, but I remember more than just the lawn chairs back there.
  3. Ill go for the O'Neils with you, it would fit my main character nicely. I have a secondary guy who is black, so if need be I can use him in a black gang. Would suck because he is only lvl 8...
  4. We have plenty of gangs to represent... It just matters what kind of play style and character each of us has. itd be hard to fit a white guy in a black gang like the Ballas, and vice versa. It would definitely have to be thought out before hand...
  5. I'm from the state of Wyoming, so I'd have to do a horse drawn drive by...
  6. Mmmm... I do like photos... Ill check out some spots for some cool jumps later, just in case we do that.
  7. Hmm... Well the stunt jump one does sound pretty cool, but if it hasn't been done already, you could do a redneck night. I agree with the apocalypse theme, though... it would be hard to fit the theme with what we have. Anyway, ill be willing to make any jobs if need be.
  8. What is the theme for the next MP event? Would like to create something for the playlist soon, because I wont have any time next week.
  9. Something like that... The irony in that sign is just too much...
  10. One of my favorite pics from the whole night. Not just because I was in it, but the timing was pretty great.
  11. Great pictures tonight guys and gals! Was pretty impressed how they all turned out... I was the blue and white Sabre, but I just cant recall who had the black Warrener...
  12. Changed my profile name from VIKINGS to Kwarb, so hopefully people will get used to seeing my Psn name.

  13. Its all good, had a great time none the less. Hopefully I can make it to more in the future lol.
  14. My connection was pretty bad too... For anyone who didn't know, I was Kwarb. Had a blast though! glad I finally got to make it to my first MP event.
  15. Hopefully I make it home in time to join... haven't made a MP Event since the game came out...
  16. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Was thinkin about doing another run through on The Last of Us when I get out of my hand cast . By then, though, I'll be dick deep in school work and football, so it will give me something to do during the late winter months.
  17. Just found out we can mod the regular blazer now... any others I should know about??
  18. I cant seem to find the independence day guns in single player... they are in my inventory, but not at AMN

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      go online and back offline... i've had to do that myself...

    2. Kwarb


      Didn't seem to work for me...

  19. took a small road trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan the other day. kind of a tourist trap, but cool none the less. Had a

    1. Kwarb


      Huge selection of local and Germany beers too.

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      ehh, that place is a tourist trap... you should hit up dark horse brewery if you're out that way... they're about to have a show making it debut on the history channel soon... good brews...

    3. Kwarb


      Thanks! I'd reply more but my phone keeps bugging out on me lol.

  20. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    For one, go play Gta SA and tell me why that can't happen, and for my second point, how haven't you already?
  21. Anyone like the gold paint? I found it looks better if you use the pearlescent glitch on it and make the pearlescent cream. makes it look a lot less bright. Saw this in the sandy shores Los Santos Customs office. I wonder if they could be hinting at something here...
  22. Kwarb

    Computer help

    Anyone have, or have knowledge of, Stopsign internet security from eAccleration? All that ive heard online is that it isn't worth crap...
  23. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Im pretty exited for both the blade and the Glendale, and who knows what others it could bring (if it were true) . I personally would love to see bullet proof glass at some point. the different tiers could protect for a certain number of shots, or a up to a certain weapon type.
  24. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Yeah huh... I also heard somewhere that the blade and Glendale are coming back? If so, this is going to be awesome. 7 new cars sounds pretty great to me, and the rest is all extras. I still wish they added some of the themed clothing to Story Mode too, because the clothing options are a little lacking...