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  1. I hope everyone has a great new year!

  2. Just watch... all the best new content from the heists update will go to next gen... leaving all the current gen players left high and dry.
  3. Just had to update gta5 a few mintues ago, didnt pay attention to what it was... Can anyone tell me what it was for?

    1. Kwarb


      No way!! that's insane! I didn't know they came out today!

    2. DuPz0r


      Server bug fixes.

    3. Kwarb


      I see, thanks lol.

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  4. Just had to update gta5 a few mintues ago, didnt pay attention to what it was... Can anyone tell me what it was for?

  5. I love GTA. I just hate the idea of having to by a new console to access content and changes that should pretty much be in the game already.
  6. I'm just a little pissed they don't help out the current gen buyers who made them all of that money... I mean, this extra content is BIG shit... I'm not getting a ps4 anytime soon, so my heart will be sawn in half every time I see the next gen version... such bullshit...
  7. How impossible is LV on current gen? With its surrounding desert, of course...
  8. I really hope they add the feature to show and hide armor and parachutes in SP... And add more cars to the vehicle selling websites while they are added. two little features that would be awesome...
  9. Can anyone tell me what vehicles in the "Vans" class can be customized?

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      the paradise... and i think the bison is still classified as a van for some reason...

    2. Ku Zi Mu
    3. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Wait no, that's a 2 seater.

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  10. Took these tonight when I hung out with ace.
  11. My internet is horrible... I lose connection every time

    1. Brian


      Do u crie evertiem?!1!!?1!!?!

    2. Kwarb


      Yesh, every damn time.

  12. Sorry about my internet guys, made everything really glitchy. wish I could have stayed longer, but I had some stuff to do. Managed to snag a few pictures too...
  13. Those are pretty screenshot-esque pictures there gunny... especially that bottom one with the bum.
  14. Kwarb

    GTAO DLC Topic

    Kinda stupid, they should have added different weapon types... A .357 would be awesome, and so would a basic sniper rifle, like a Remington 700. Adds a little more "distance" between the hi tech shit and the cheaper, more redneck equipment.
  15. This update made me loose my flintlock rifle online, and the oppourtunity to buy another... complete bullshit... but it looks more like a single player geared update, really. Everything is too damn expensive online... They need to do real military update, and quit adding stupid, expensive, and mostly worthless stuff.
  16. Looks like military themed clothing too, so that will probably be all I buy as well. And im disappointed, because Ive watched the video three times, and it doesn't look like there are weapons on the Jet. And I do like the vehicle weapon wheel that Gunny was talking about...
  17. Seems like a pretty cool update, but there better be stuff in both singleplayer and GTAO like normal. I really want to see more singleplayer clothing... Too bad this update wont include a new weapon of some kind as well.
  18. Sorry guys, would have loved to join, but I just found out I wont be able to make it tomorrow night. Should be able to make the next ones, though.
  19. I might make it... I start pre season football Monday, so I will make it if I can. If not, I hope everything goes down well!
  20. Was thinking about a bikers vs. homies type capture/deathmatch? just a thought.