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    GTAO DLC Topic

    I like like the entire idea of the alleged "Hipster" pack. The cars would be awesome, and maybe we can finally get some clothes that are not business suits. The weapons are a little boring, but the pack itself seems cool. hope its legit.
  2. They better not release next gen only DLC, because then I will officially be pissed... I'm still waiting for the collectors edition content to be released sometime.
  3. I really wish I had a Ps4 in the first place, because this looks a lot more what GTAV should be. the current one is great, don't get me wrong, but this... is definitely improved. And that's what they have shown us as well, so who knows what else has been fine tuned or changed.
  4. Cinema Blend " GTA 5 servers down for maintenance, are heists almost here?" wow... just wow... They obviously haven't caught wind of the UFO invasion yet.
  5. Just finished The Last of Us, and i have to say, it is one of the best games ive ever played, hands down.

    1. Brian


      Nice graphics, great story.

    2. DuPz0r


      TLoU is one of those blockbusters that you can't put down. I absolutely loved it. I may even get the PS4 version if they have more to offer.

    3. Kwarb


      It was just challenging enough to keep me playing till the end. It also wasn't predictable, which some games are now a days.

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  6. I dont know if selling my fully modded entity was a great choice...

  7. Hopefully once the summer gets here, ill have time to get into some shenanigans with the crew. I don't think ive actually been part of any since the game came out. I think ive randomly joined a few of Ace's sessions, but that's about it.
  8. And the fact that killing random peds makes your mental state worse? I can see killing a certain quota of actual players per session, but killing peds... that isn't thought out very well at all. just because I shot up madrazo's house a few times, doesn't mean im a total dick...
  9. Really? I seem to find that the most often... Wish the bulletproof tires weren't so expensive, because when I had mine for a little while, it seemed like they got shot out every time I drove it anywhere. It was just bad luck, soo I ditched it off a cliff. Shame too, that salmon pink paintjob was the bomb...
  10. Whats the highest paying job I can grind?

    1. Bronson


      How bout you find the highest paying job in real life... you'll find that to be a lot more useful.

    2. Massacre


      Don't buy into that bullshit. Go to YouTube and look for glitches.

    3. Jizzy


      Real life glitches.


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  11. All of that sounds pretty cool. They wouldn't let you get money from it though, because they still want to make money on shark cards. And I think they might make the heat higher, and the chance of things going roughly increase if you do a heist within to close of a time. The cops will come in more quantity, and the place you are robbing may or may not be armed and ready to make things harder for you. I think it will be probably a limit to 2 a real life week.
  12. Yeah, it seemed that around when the Beach Bum update came, new info and even the release for others came quite soon after. That's just how it felt to me. Now it feels like we are not going to get the High Life update for at least two or three more weeks...
  13. Nah GunSmith, you can place them in the Heli, but they stay only a couple feet off the ground. If you can get it to work, let me know, because it was a great idea while it lasted...
  14. Im the same way. I was jacked about it, and we haven't even seen the High Life update yet. Still will end up doing heists, but at the moment I just want new SP content to mess around with. Hope they let the Blazer to be modded at some point too, because they half assed the dune buggy's mods... still, some are better than none I guess.
  15. Ouch... I thought 3.6 mil was bad lol. Have they finally allowed people to share funds yet? haven't really been on since the new patch... but if they have, Id gladly relieve you of your money problems, for a little while anyway.
  16. Im not buying anything over a couple grand before it comes out. Id hate hate to blow my money before all of the cool shit comes out.
  17. so are they the only two? The custom Dune Buggy ( non rusted version ) looks pretty awesome. The sanchez must be only the crew livery online, because nothing else has changed in SP.
  18. Kwarb

    GTAO Wishlist

    Im sure it wont be cheap, but they did make a killing on just the game sales. Im sure they can find some extra money to add some more music. Its not a very big deal, but I don't think ive ever heard a more repetitive playlist of songs than in GTA 5. Some of the stations are not very appealing, to me at least. That's my opinion, though im sure some people agree with me on that.
  19. Kwarb

    GTAO Wishlist

    Or add more songs.... They could do the same thing that the they did with GTA IV's episodes, but add them to the same game... and id rather see bullet proof ( for a certain amount of shots by a weapon type ) and interior color options. Having the PMP 600 and the Presidente come back would be sweet, though. they were both nice cars, but they were more humble cars than some of the ones that we have been getting so far.
  20. I think an alien DLC would be pretty cool. Something with some seriousness and mystery to it. Id want it to feel like an episode of the X files everytime I played it.
  21. Did they do it with the update? I wouldn't know why, but maybe they thought it needed more protection or something, I don't know. Might have to go check it out sometime to see what your talking about, because I thought it was kind of a "dry" area, myself. On another note, the capture creator is really cool, but it could be changed a little... I wish the patrol range was extended for actors in cars, and ones in helicopters should be able to cover a set airspace ( off the ground! ). The amount of actors should be a lot higher too, because 10 just doesn't seem like enough. They also need to allow for all the weapons to be used for actors.
  22. I did another half play thru before my ps3 took a shit on me. My first one is my favorite, though. I played the characters how I thought they should be, morally and lifestyle wise, and I progressively allowed their lives to become more lavish all in different ways, of course, as they did more heists. When I first played it, it felt very familiar, but yet so new. It was such a drastic change from GTA 4, and I haven't felt the same way about 4 since that time. it feels completely inferior in most ways, knowing that 4 could look and play this good, but doesn't. The only other games I immediately felt in awe of on my first hands on was Skyrim and Forza 5. Would love to see what they could do to Liberty City, and other previous locations, with the same tools and attention to detail they used to make GTA 5.
  23. Like designs or something? Im kinda hoping for new colors soon. I really want a gold chrome and a couple others, but here are a few pictures to help show what I mean
  24. Interior color!!! my lime green infernus looks weird with the red/black interior... that would be a nice little touch for the future.