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  1. My dick has been hard ever since these got released... I WANT 'Grand Theft Auto V' RIGHT MEOW!!!
  2. January ends in less than 24 hours, Rockstar... TIC-TOC MOTHERFUCKER.
  3. I have to agree. Even the motion of vehicles in the second trailer were poor. But by the time of it's release it should all improve(:
  4. I say keep it the way it is. Don't keep going back and forth. 'GTA IV' was a new generation of the series and I say just keep it the way it is.
  5. As far as that seems to go and I doubt that'd happen, it would be AMAZING. Also imagine if a few game days later you see a funeral for the deceased person. Separate and ongoing lives within the game would be amazing. But as I started out before I don't really see that happening just yet.
  6. I know exactly what you're talking about. That is SO annoying. And yes hopefully now that they're just fixing things up and retouching everything then maybe they'll finally take that trait out of the game unless it's apart of it.
  7. Trevor considering the fact that you can use him to fly right away. Also because he can make a trail of gasoline and light it up. Wouldn't mind using that trait in a crowded area.
  8. A smarter traffic system. As in cars that don't turn too slowly or drive at 200 mphs like in 'San Andreas' and ones that don't cut in front of you or crash into parked cars while turning like in 'GTA IV'. Also pedestrians that don't cross and block off traffic. I know this is just a minor detail that wouldn't really affect the missions, but it was just annoying in 'GTA IV' whenever I got bored and wanted to drive correctly. lolz Also different weather systems like maybe snow at the tops of the mountains in the games or stronger winds that caused damage. Also in 'San Andreas' I found it cool that the plans would have trouble flying during storms.
  9. From all the screenshots, artwork, and trailers so far I've already seen everything I wanted. Maybe if there's a Trailer #3 then they could show some underwater views. Other than that the game looks 110% amazing.
  10. Can't wait to hi-jack the trains and de-rail them again like from 'GTA: San Andreas'!
  11. I think I just had a heart attack... this is the greatest news I've heard about anything in a long time. I. AM. HYPE. AS. HELL. RIGHT. NOW. O. M. G. :jumpy: :clap:
  12. I enjoyed the assassinations in 'GTA IV' so something like that would be fun. Also in the trailer it shows farmers and a bi-plane spraying the crops with some sort of chemical so maybe there's something to do with that. Either way 'GTA V' will be fun to play no matter what it has. :3