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  1. GTA V was a let down based on my expectations from Rockstar to get simple mechanics right and make the gameplay more enjoyable.
  2. How its hard as shit to get health, why can't we go into fast food restaurants? The Fighting holy god is it horrible, I feel like they copped the moves from mortal combat or something. You punch someone once and their dead? I've hit a guy and gotten 2 stars from it, the fuck? A death sentence i suppose in gta V. Fighting is way better in IV then in V IMO. It was really saddening to me as this was one of the things I looked forward to being improved instead it was downgraded to bullshit.
  3. Thanks guys We'll try saving it by using the bed. I appreciate yalls help.
  4. My roommate and I are trying to make it so we can play two different profiles. But it won't let us save two, at least we can't figure out how. We started a new game with our previous game already saved, but once you get to the point of saving your second created new game it wants to overwrite your already saved one and then by saying no it say it turns the autosave off and it will not save. Am i missing something? I know in gta 4 is was much easier to save games. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. holy fuck its a picture from enter the matrix, i love that shit.
  6. I hope the lasers aren't a big thing in GTA V, they seem really unrealistic as no police force uses lasers on their guns. Its just stupid in my opinion.
  7. After looking at these, GTA V is going to be so different then any other in the series, I can't wait.
  8. Saints Row 1 had it the best I think as in attention to detail on the cars, but lacked in full customization that SR2 and 3 had, but at the same time SR2 and 3 just where so unrealistic and retarded, bugged, etc it just made it not as special and fun. Unless your just some stupid kid that doesnt care about anything, then yeah SR2 and 3 are awesome games.
  9. Anyone else notice that their are pink colored trees with palm trees? Im not from the beach, but when I see those trees with pink leaves it makes me think of spring and shit not beach.
  10. Did anyone else notice that in IV your side mirrors never broke off? Think about it.. they never did.
  11. It is a little frustrating that Rockstar has released just one trailer and very little information with it over a large amount of time, but that doesn't call for people to use slanderous words and get all worked up over it, the info will come when Rockstar decides it should, they aren't new to the business and have everything planned.
  12. Oh gotcha I was just using it as a reference to what R* has done towards the subject.