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  1. I preordered mine just after christmas 2011. And once they announce the collector's edition, I'm gonna go upgrade to that
  2. Maybe there is no GTA V. It was all a joke but Rockstar doesn't know how to tell us that without losing their fans
  3. What if they release a tweet tomorrow with nothing but a date(very close date), then release the game on that date. I know it isn't gonna happen but a guy can dream
  4. I think alot of people aren't understanding what I mean. I don't think they should force you to be a cop and take away the whole criminal aspect. I think they should give you a choice to play as a cop. Whether thats a permanent choice or not, it doesn't matter. Maybe with some DLC, maybe just amp up on the vigilante missions ALOT. If you don't want to play as a cop, then don't get the DLC, or don't do the vigilante missions. The beauty of a game like GTA is all the freedom you have with gameplay. If someone wants to play as a cop, let em. Having that option isn't going to hurt gameplay at all.Just stay away from it if you don't like it
  5. I wouldn't really call L.A Noire a cop game. It's more of a detective game. And besides, it sucked. And the name of the game being Grand Theft Auto shouldn't limit what they can do in terms of gameplay.
  6. Grand Theft Auto has always been an amazing game. Jacking cars, shooting suckers in the face, all that shit. But have you ever thought it would be nice to change up the experience a bit? We've seen the toughened criminal bit many times. Do you think you would like to play as a cop for once? Here's my train of thought. GTA 4 was an awesome game. I loved it. I played the shit out of it until there was nothing more. Then TLAD came out. And that was awesome! And I played the shit out of that too. But it didnt take so long. Then TBOGT came out, i played through it then put it away. The problem with this DLC is that it doesnt provide a lasting experience. Once you beat all the missions on all the games, youre faced with the choice of nationality of your character to keep it fresh. Thats it. Sure you get a few different cars and a few different guns, but a car's a car and a gun's a gun, right? I think playing as a cop would be a welcome change, even if it is only DLC. Sorry for the long post. Tell me what you guys think. Do you think this would be fun? Any other ideas to keep it fresh?
  7. Man that sounds like it would be epic. I hope they do decide to do something like that