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  1. I'm so excited about the game, I feel like I had a part in making it.
  2. I understand what you mean and that would be cool but Rockstar spends a lot of money on each of these songs and they want them to be heard. I think it personally adds an aesthetic to the game..random songs, music discovery, sonic realism.. just like real life, can't select what songs play on the radio.
  3. Angry about animal killing in a video game? Bitch, we killin pixels.. chill. I almost feel sorry for Saints Row 4 after Sept 17th..
  4. Game sales records will be shattered... i am in love madly..
  5. I will do what i always do when i turn on a GTA game for the first time...a full 360 turn to view my surroundings then walk around a bit.
  6. Life is good!

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      What's in the OP is the meth talking.

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      You haven't lived long enough.

  7. Hell yeah to the casino!! Loved it in Las Venturas
  8. The red light idea is pretty bad. Would make the game hard to enjoy.We dont need that much realizm. Its fine the way it is..
  9. Its about a cool way companies (like Rockstar) can put together great collectors edition packages without a bunch of bullshit ppl dont really want. Thought that was obvious..I dont care about weak Saints Row 4 as a game. But, all you probably noticed was the words "rubber boobs" anyway. And yes, the bold words are mine but the article was copied and pasted.
  10. The GTA V collectors edition extras is kind of weak. I think that the developers of Saints Row 4 had a brilliant idea with this collectors edition process that i think should be implemented whenever a game company has collectors editions. They thought of a big list of items to include with it then allowed the consumers to go online and vote for their favorite 5 items..the 5 highest vote getting items become the official collectors edition package. Check it out below: "Are you planning to buy the Collector's Edition of Saints Row 4? If so, publisher Deep Silver wants your help. They're letting gamers determine the contents of the bundle through a survey. Saints Row 4 begins with the leader of the Third Street Saints being elected president. As such, many of the possible CE extras have a presidential theme. Examples include campaign gear, a presidential briefcase with a "kinky handcuff," or a presidential coin. The rest of the possible extras are a diverse lot. Standard CE staples like an artbook and world map are up for a vote, as are more bizarre offerings like a voice augmentation device and a dubstep doomsday button. Surprisingly, a giant purple dildo isn't one of the options. Here's the full list of options that you can rank from 1 to 5 on the survey: Saints Row T-shirt - "Department of Homeland Saintcurity" Saints2013 Presidential campaign gear (Pins, hats, Saint Car Flags) Voice augmentation device / auto-tune device Pierce, Shaundi, or other Saint Figurine Presidential Briefcase with kinky handcuff and key Dubstep Doomsday Button Functional (not deadly!) in-game weapon replica Johnny Gat Memorial Statue Saint's Bazooka themed Poster Tube "Eagle Jet" RC Helicopter Tie and Tie Bar, Money Clip Sealed Classified Book with Artwork (Concept Artbook) Steelbook Whitehouse "Security" download card President Seal and/or Coin Cloth World Map Saint Belt Buckle Wood Cigar box Ridiculously amazing glass display case with lights? Deep Silver previously let fan votes on the contents of Dead Island Riptide's Rigor Mortis Edition. I'm surprised publishers don't release surveys like this on a regular basis. It could spare them the embarrassment of trying to sell a collector's edition no one wants, like a bundle with a bloody set of rubber boobs." Source: http://www.cinemable...ildo-53801.html
  11. Would have been much better to get a collectors edition like this: character model replica(of your choice), rockstar keychain, bank bag w/key,game art poster and los Santos hat in the metal box.. we waited 5 yrs for this game, they could have done better. Who cares about art books? I don't..
  12. I like the in game collector edition features and the Los Santos hat.. but I just think for $150 it could of been a bit better. Gears of War had a replica full scale weapon, NBA 2K12 had a large game locker with a combination lock.. I like getting rare, cool stuff.. not complaining but they could have done better for $150.