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  1. I've been doing some research and it looks like there's a Yakuza gang in Los Angeles..
  2. I saw a new restaurant in the background of one of the new screens, Taco Bomb. Obviously a Taco Bell parody, but do you guys reckon it'll be an enterable building that you can actually eat at or not?
  3. Dat moon.... I wonder if it gets bigger when you shoot it with a sniper like in the old GTAs
  4. To name off a few of my favourite artists on my iPod, Dead Kennedys Panic At The Disco Fall Out Boy Steel Panther Brocas Helm DeadMau5 Madeon La Roux The Smiths.
  5. I reckon the Spaceship parts will be like the transistor radios in Bully. Ony instead of a hobo asking for them, my guess is that it'll be Trevor's paranoid friend.
  6. Oh dear. I'm gonna be singing "Holiday roooooooooooooooooad" every time I drive this car.
  7. Shame we haven't seen the PMP 600 yet. I really liked that car. Also, I hope that if the Wayfarer makes a return, it's the Goldwing version from San Andreas. That bike was always fun.
  8. I'd like some Dead Kennedys. Police Truck when driving through slum areas would be so awesome.
  9. Okay. I'm not sure if this has been done before, and if it has, it was probably done WAY more professionally than this, but here goes. I wanted a general idea of the scale of GTA V's map, so I took Rockstar's statement that it'd be bigger than GTA IV, GTA SA and RDR combined on board and made this. Basically, it's the 3 games' maps, clumped up into 1 islandless landmass. This is in no way intended to be pretty, nor is it meant to tell the shape or contents of the actual map. Its only purpose is to give a general idea of the size.
  10. I remember in SA there was a True Crime pisstake because that was GTA's main rival at the time, so I reckon it'd be funny if they did a Saints Row/Sleeping Dogs parody.
  11. 4PM. 9 Hours. I'm guessing the traffic's gonna be immense- My computer froze trying to load up Trailer 2 when it first released
  12. I'm gonna grab a dodge challenger, or the closest thing I can get to one and take the longest, most scenic route from one end of the map to the other.
  13. An arcade would be nice. With a few games, maybe a puzzle game, a side-scrolling shooter, a fighting game and a racing game. And, in the player's safehouse, would be a games console, with a few 3D games on it. Bully and San Andreas had fun games (Consumo FTW) And Rockstar even made a 3D racing game in Bully, so If they could expand of these things it'd be great.
  14. I've always thought Slenderman would be a good fit in a modern GTA. Just in the middle of a huge forest, standing there, unkillable. and if you walk too close to him you just die, spontaneously.
  15. This made me so happy. Would be awesome if Carcer City, New Austin and Bullworth was on there.
  16. Something like Undead Nightmare, but it'd have to have a different name. Undead Armageddon? Infected Apocalypse maybe? **Edit** Oh crap, people have already talked about this. Sorry bout that.
  17. Ha, how weird will that feel if you find such a thing? It'd be like an omen... O_o
  18. I had a weird dream last night. Gta V had just come out, and I was playing it, and I decided to go out into the desert, and in the desert I found one of those walled mexican villages from Red Dead Redemption, but it was all abandoned and eroded. I said "Haha, that's a pretty cool reference". And then I woke up. I'm gonna go out into the desert and look for that eroded old village from Red Dead, and utter the same words I did in my dream.
  19. What fake brands/websites would you like to see in GTA V? Also, what brands from previous GTA games would you like to see return?
  20. Imma go hunting for secrets, Easter eggs, myths & legends and all that awesomeness, then I'm gonna steal a nice car and cruise around the seaside area
  21. I just want a shitload of melee weapons like Chainsaw Baseball Bat Knife Katana Broadsword Sledgehammer Axe A lightsaber type thing Nunchuks Knuckle Dusters