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  1. Hey y'all! Won't make it tonight working late but I did make a race, still needs some tweaking but it will be ready for MX night next week. Hope y'all have fun and catch y'all later ?✌?️
  2. Haha thanks Kuz, I'm happy to be the crew punching bag, but remember I hit back ???? and sorry I got disconnected last night y'all I really had a good time while I was on!!
  3. hey yall, here is a video from last night. sorry I had to cut it short, sucks being an adult lol. any who...hope yall enjoy
  4. Had fun last night for the little bit i was there, here are some snaps. Enjoy =)
  5. I am LOVING everyones snaps, by far one of my favorite theme nights! here is a video I put together, have to make room in my gallery for snaps...imagine that lol but anyways hope yall enjoy =)
  6. loving all the snaps and videos from everyone apparently I used all my likes for the day =) im alittle late but here are my snaps and video. I kept the video short and sweet really the only job I used was dios park because the bike helmets just fucked everything up lol hope yall enjoy
  7. LOVING the granny brains Dio lol... I didn't bother with any snaps but I did make a video. hope yall enjoy!!
  8. had a blast last night! got some great pictures & video. enjoy heres the video =)
  9. Awe thanks Gtagrl. After I uploaded it I realized I never went back and fixed the beginning where you have that black screen for a few seconds. Granny was mesmerized by all the new Valentine goodies lol
  10. haha love that pic dio! Here is my video, I also got a few snaps ill load them later. enjoy =)
  11. had a great time for the little bit I was there. Heres a video...enjoy
  12. I like the calendar/list of future crew night bones. I have a suggestion for one, and it's one I've mentioned before "freak show". Since we have all these cool new masks & facepaints I think it would be fun.
  13. last night was fun! here is a video and I was able to get a few pics...enjoy