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  1. Well either that or you have to wait until further into the game for them to unlock I suppose.
  2. I could be wrong, but I don't think you can buy cars off the in-game internet?
  3. Well this is pissing me off. I've been trying to take a picture of the Capitol Records building but every time I try to save the damn photo to the Social Club the game freezes up. They never should have made the pictures "Social Club only". -EDIT- Fuck. This. Bullshit. I just failed one of Beverly's paparazzi side missions because the fucking camera fucking failed to load the fucking Snapmatic photos from the fucking Social Club and thus failed to fucking open. Fuck!
  4. 90% of the stores won't open up until the game tells you about it (via missions). For example there's a mission that requires you to dress up as someone to complete it and afterwards all of the clothing stores will be open for you.
  5. I had Michael at the marina moaning about how he loved that boat. And have had Trevor snatch a guitar away from a street performer in front of the Chinese Theater and beat him to death with it.
  6. Fuck people, stop this now. No more flaming each other and personal attacks. Stick to the topic. If you don't like the driving, fine. Say so and why. If you disagree, fine. Say so and why. Keep all of this other bullshit where it belongs, in Rants & Raves.
  7. Sadly it seems most (if not all) of the really good large interiors are mission-only.
  8. Well I've had Franklin and Lamar about to get into a fight, talking on his phone to different people and one time he was polishing his motorcycle on the side of the road up in the Vinewood hills. From what I understand what they do will change as the story progresses. -EDIT- I just switched to Michael and he was yelling at a lifeguard at the beach.
  9. There's one in the middle of the hedge maze behind the Kortz Center.
  10. There's one at the cable car building on top of Mt. Chiliad.
  11. I wish they would give us clear photos instead of adding those lines to them.
  12. Only problem is when the person you stole it from calls the cops for you. Ah. Haven't experienced this yet. I was only able to play the intro mission and first Franklin mission before I had to crash. Just need to get off work now and I'll have all night...Ya, I kicked the woman out of her car...and like a few seconds later I had a one star wanted level cause she called the cops on her phone!They'll call on you for all kinds of things. I got into a fight up at the observatory and someone called the cops on me.
  13. Hmm didn't notice in my short time playing, but this could mean we get away with more.. I never did like a random cop spawning behind me everytime I stole a car in IV. Only problem is when the person you stole it from calls the cops for you.
  14. I've been so busy exploring Los Santos I haven't barely played any missions! I need to get my ass in gear! But my God is this game pretty! And the city seems so huge when you're down in it!
  15. Well it does take place in the US so miles for everyone!