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  1. Search before posting topics. Don't make this topic again.
  2. I do believe the map's artwork appears to explore the relationship between Bauhausian sensibilities and multimedia experiences. I see influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Miles Davis, new combinations being synthesised from both mundane and transcendant discourse. And it looks real purty too!
  3. Man I want this game sooooo much!
  4. To be fair I thought the same thing about Liberty City when I first saw it's map, but when I played it it felt much larger in-game when you're actually driving around the streets. I'm sure it'll be the same here too.
  5. Who said I did? I'm quoting publicly available information. Rockstar has announced PS3 and 360 as the consoles. And like I said Sony has a PS4 launch date in the fourth quarter which is after V's September release. The Xbox One has no release date outside of 'later this year.' Face it, if V was going to be a launch title on either system it would be trumpeted to the skies. Facts are facts.
  6. Yes. We do know. The PS4 won't release until the fourth quarter of 2013 which doesn't start until October 1st. GTA V releases on September 17th.
  7. No. Just look at the logos on the bottom of the special edition sheet.
  8. If you want it on release day and you want one of the special editions then don't go with Amazon. They normally offer get it on release day shipping for normal copies of games...but never on the special edition copies for some asinine reason.
  9. Not right this second, but they will. They always do. For example I bought my Bioshock Infinite collector's edition through Amazon.
  10. Looks to be a good sized chunk of Los Santos proper... Wonder if this will be a lead-up to a full site launch and map reveal?
  11. All three show up in each trailer, one in focus and the others in the background. After all, many of the missions will involve all three, and that whole bit is most likely a mission cutscene
  12. Don't forget that in San Andreas you drive through a billboard that you can't damage outside of the mission, and in BoGT you blow up a crane that was indestructible before.
  13. 149 screencaps total. Damn that took forever! Just need to name them all now... >_<
  14. Oh dear God, was that a Juggalo? Well.....fuck. Anyway, after I get some lunch I'll start putting together the trailer screencaps.
  15. Ehhhhh....I think this is more of a case of the crane not loading when the building is viewed from far away, but appearing when viewed from close by. Probably because these shots are, of course, from an unfinished build of the game...so I think we'll be seeing the crane from the dam/observatory in the final version. Besides the crane isn't new nor was it introduced in recent screens. You can see it in the first trailer when the plane flies past it and the US Bank Tower.
  16. This picture shows both a train and a bus which is driving. Surely we'll be able to use at least one of them? The way I hope public transit works is bus and Metro Rail for Los Santos proper, and a Brown Streak Rail analogue for the rest of the game map.
  17. There will be some sort of taxi service, I'm sure of it...but more like it is with Roman's friendship perk or in the original Saint's Row. Call a phone number, cab arrives, choose destination, and go. The only limit would be the cash to pay for it. I would like them to keep the option of sitting though the full ride like in IV, but wouldn't be heartbroken if they dropped it.
  18. Don't bump topics that haven't been needed in almost a year by quoting a post from two years ago.
  19. Why does that concern you? Because it implies to me that there won't be much of a story focus outside of Los Santos proper, or that the area outside of town isn't all that interesting.
  20. Looks nice, the only thing that concerns me is that there's nothing in this box art that has anything to do with the countryside.