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  1. Ive never used paint shop but I have to assume its shittier than Photoshop cause its the industry standard. edit ...ya noob.
  2. I got to lvl 8. Did a lot of the co-op missions over and over again. IDK why, you didnt really get shit for leveling up. the character model customization was shit, that being said i expect more from that in V
  3. Did you play Undead Nightmare? I don't see how anyone could play that and not want zombie DLC for GTA. Same. I'd welcome it. But truthfully, its abd in rdr so I doubt it'll be in gta. imo, i think we are sol for any dlc thats lolz like Undead nightmare wuz. llolz
  4. Yah I can't see us getting fuck all till xmas. maybe a xmas "gift" teaser...something. im thinking some real good info by jan/feb.
  5. Unless its saints row. in that case make a 53 year old, morbidly obese, with a pink afro in his underwear.
  6. I say Johnny. He has the most reason to keep committing crimes. Plus I found him to be the funniest. The banter of the bikers in TLAD was pretty funny sometimes. That and I'm a trashy biker wannabe so I can live my fantasies through it him, lol.
  7. At first I thought this said "what kind of criminals do you expect in the game" or something like that. figured you were talking about gangs and stuff. and I made a nice and racist post. lol. deleted it but maybe the mods will get a chuckle from it,. well anyways, the OP talked about robbing peds. I agree. They had this in red dead. So I think shit like that ill be in. Also going in interiors and looking through cabinets for stuff. That being said, I figure burglar missions will return
  8. Or metal. Metal is way more popular is places that don't have shit music like north america does. PS Fuck Bieber PPS Right in the ass
  9. Yah I'm pretty sure there was some stupid shit goin on out of frame and i was lol'ing.
  10. Yah he did it on a cheap one because it was pretty much practice. He didn't want to fuck up one of his expensive gits.
  11. Fuck even one of the main character, Brucie from GTA IV, ran a mod garage. Biggest fuckin tease ever
  12. I have one...never play it. My bro has like 8. He's fucking amazing. Here are some he made. /\ This one he took an Epiphone les paul "type" guitar [had the shape of one, but was a knock off cheap starter git] and he carved the shit out of the body and stained it dark red. /\ This body me made from scratch, glues 3 different kinds of wood together to make the stripes. Drilled all the holes and did the electrical work and stuff. Beautiful guitar. Hes customized others on smaller scales and fixed some up but yah, hes pretty dam talented.
  13. I'll prolly watch some gameplay. But those vids that are something like "the first 15 minutes" of a game...FUCK THAT! IDK what kind of tard would ruin the beginning of a game for themselves. I get really wanting a game but have restraint because u'll thank yourself when you play it yourself.
  14. All that means is they're have a long ass advertising campaign planned. I'm sure by January we will have a real release date tho. and more info.
  15. I think your wrong mate , Wouldnt if he was there son im sure he would take Cesars surname yes? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg that was epic.
  16. Yah never really had trouble with that one....
  17. Im with dont. Dont be trippin that this is the protag. Im sure its that character but even in the first place I didnt think the guy talking in the trailer was the protag.
  18. Im lovin it. At first I thought it was gay the show was plugging a retarded show like jersey shore but when they rip on those fucking guidos its awesome. I'd probably watch a whole ep of jersey shore if it had beavis and butthead commentary.
  19. Totes Magoats. Countryside was my fav in gta sa. Never got tired of off roading
  20. http://www.blacksabbath.com/ Holy shit. New album and tour. I bet nose bleed tickets will be like 100 bucks. FAWK. I could have posted this in metal but I think it deserves its own topic.