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    I think i'm getting less interested for 76 as time goes on, I saw a comment that described it as 4 but after you've killed all NPCs on the map. One of the reviewers described frame drops and crashes but "he hoped they'd be ironed out before the BETA," I laughed, if it's anything like 4 those same frame drops and crashes will be in the game years after release. Bethesda needs a new engine, Creation is a piece of shit it seems. I probably won't cancel my preorder - it's going to be a bit of fun, but at the same time it's probably going to be hollow and unfulfilling. This game won't hold a candle to Red Dead, Rockstar games run smooth as silk 99% of the time, Bethesda games run like, like... a hobo on a pogo stick trying to push a trolley of bricks up a flight of stairs...(?) I dunno, make up your own analogy that describes something that feels like it's being hastily held together with duct tape and prone to breaking down at any second.
  2. Lol what have I done... that looked pretty good until I saw the entire eastern edge of Roanoke had been flooded. Which gang hideout?
  3. I've been trying to link this up with something. I said I thought it might be around Dewberry Creek way looking north, therefore I was trying to link the hillock on the left to the ridge on the right of this shot which would be looking the opposite way. However I just noticed this; That profile matches up pretty well with the first, and Dup highlighted the fact the little lake is also in that shot behind the horse which links it to the second image - but not in the way that I had intended it to. So the first shot actually looks south/SW towards Flatiron. Also there's something framed in the trees to the right of the first image but I can't see enough of it to discern what it is, definitely some sort of structure though.
  4. Might line up some points in the Lemoyne peninsula, then again the foreshortening might make it tricky.
  5. Hey have you done your whole skew the map to the terrain trick like you did a while ago for that shot above? I was looking at it trying to decide if that's the prison island or not. It just seems too close to St Denis.
  6. Sounds more like a Bethesda thing to me, I can just imagine Todd Howard saying in a smug voice "dynamic, realtime trail generation" while a video showcasing it plays in the background. The audience then applauds and he turns to hide his erection.
  7. I disregarded the road option, why would it need to be that long and sweeping and not just a T-junction. I guess if people ride over it constantly to take a shortcut it would eventually end up like that... Well, who knows.
  8. At this point I don't think you can not use the leaked map, we've become so reliant on it. I thought that was the actual Bacchus bridge across the Dakota, the bit you've highlighted runs parallel to the river a bit further up. You got me confused because I was looking at that shot a few days ago for any hint of Old Fort Wallace on the left, which I assumed was hidden behind that rocky outcrop. I don't think we can trust the leaked map for railway lines, there are several that don't match up perfectly. (Like this fucking thing to the right of the horse's head, still no guess with that one. There's no three way rail junctions in that neck of the woods.) I can only assume the line north of Mossy Flats joins up with the line east of Emerald Ranch in a different place to where it does on the map.
  9. Yeah, they're in there somewhere though... teasing us. Thinking about it I wonder how many new places have been added since the draft, and how many have been cut. Might not even be a Downes Ranch there, could've been replaced with a Starbucks or something.
  10. I already edited my post. Looking at your enhanced pic the Lucky's is probably a shadow after all, just an annoying roof shaped shadow.
  11. To me that's looking down the shaft that sticks out into the river bend. It's really annoying because there's a triangular roof shaped shadow in the trees to the right of that which could be Lucky's Cabin, but at the same time could just be a coincidence. I think Downes and Lucky's are closer to Valentine than you think, just look at how far away from the rail Valentine is on the map. Here, in case you can't see it. (Of course it doesn't really matter if they are or aren't, we know they're somewhere in there anyway.)
  12. Here's another one for ya, very left side... is that Downes Ranch or just a rock?
  13. Nice, I was looking at that rock when the video dropped but would never have connected the two. Can't be bothered to do any photoshopping but do you think the water tower in these two shots are the same? This one's a guess, but that bridge is going over my beloved Dewberry Creek river. It's definitely down near Rhodes looking north because of the red tinge to the soil.
  14. I would assume most of the valleys between the mountains have creeks of varying size. If I were to guess i'd say they were two different ones.
  15. They said Beartooth Beck was east of Hagen right? To me that image is on the western side of Hagen, so it wouldn't be Beartooth, hard to say though. If I were to guess at Hagen's position I would've said above Adler Ranch. (Based on the leaked map topography.)
  16. Mount Hagen is up in the Grizzlies behind Valentine. That is Hagen though, it's just a lot further away than what it seems.
  17. In the middle of the screen at 9:03 is a close match, east of Diez Coronas roughly in the area I was thinking. That's pretty far across the river but it's hard to say since we don't know how far the draw distance is in II. Unfortunately they don't really look that way much, they skip past Thieves Landing up to Blackwater without checking out that map edge. But if you were to stand east of MacFarlane's Ranch near the cliff edge and look that way i'd be interested to see what it looks like.
  18. So have none of your contacts loaded up RDR and had a look at the other side of Flatiron Dup? If they do tell them to check a bit further sound in Hennigan's Stead looking southeast across the river too.
  19. The numbers match but the letters don't, the Aurora Basin is a good match. Problem is it's the same scale as the leaked map, it's meant to be an entire world map and even without the inclusion of New Austin it would cut off part of West Elizabeth.
  20. You forgot the most important update - "changed Lone Mule Steed to Lone Mule Stead" To me that top left area seems too empty now, we have this rather big map north east and south west joined by a small isthmus at Great Plains. Suppose it depends where and/or how far they go south of the river that side of Flatiron. Imagine if the map stretched round all the way to opposite St Denis. (Which you were postulating long ago with the desert.)
  21. I think there'll be some sort of epilogue; a few years after the gang is done and John is reminiscing on his time there. Perhaps he'll be at Beechers Hope when we see a posse of lawmen led by Fordham and Ross roll up to take him and his family away. I reckon there'll at least be a mission where Arthur teaches John the secrets of deadeye.
  22. Yeah i've seen that idea mentioned a lot, but I don't think it'll happen. There'll definitely be some passing of the torch from Arthur to John though. Whether we'll get to play as John post credits however I don't know.