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    Classic Titles

    The first two Sonics are pretty much my entire childhood, 3 and S&K were good but something about 1 and 2, probably the music... I can still vividly remember and hear the music for every zone of the first two in my head. I sometimes find myself humming them randomly, probably due to some psychosomatic link my brain is creating. Just the other day I was playing Factorio, creating a refinery and found myself humming the Oil Ocean Zone music.
  2. ViceMan

    Classic Titles

    I'd love to play the old Sonics again properly. I bought a 40 games in one collection for the PS3 a few years ago that had 1,2, 3 S&K, but it didn't have the lock-on functionality of the old Sonic & Knuckles cartridge meaning you couldn't play 2 and 3 with it. Felt like I was missing out somwhat on childhood memories not being able to seamlessly transition from 3 into S&K.
  3. That's one thing the next ES game needs, at least four times the voice actors. "Name's Nils, i'm the cook up at Candlehearth Hall." That's funny, 'cause you sound exactly like Calixto, plus some guy I know at the college called Tolfdir and several other elderly men I "bumped into" along the way. One of two things that bugs me about the game, the other is no footprints in the snow.
  4. I think i've played as a Redguard once at least, can't remember anything specific about what sort of character I made though. My next character will be a Redguard, probably pro Stormcloak but a somewhat roguish, heavy weapon user. Might join the Companions and possibly also the Blades too. Whereas my current Breton is 60/40 magic/one handed he/she will be somewhat closer to 70/30 two handed/magic. Only race i'm pretty sure I haven't played at this point is Wood Elf, they just seem completely boring to me. Too generic compared to a Dark or High Elf.
  5. I think Redguard is the only other race I could logically see siding with the Stormcloaks as they have no love for the Empire (I know not many races do, but I think Redguards would sympathise with the Nords as they were in a similar situation, but instead chose to cede from the Empire rather than accept the terms of the White-Gold concordat.) Other races would be pretty neutral in regards to the war and could go either way. However maybe i'm missing something obvious, my lore knowledge does have a lot of holes in it.
  6. Yeah i'd go with that too, although sometimes I might play a Nord who's loyal to the Empire. My current character sat on the fence for a while, being a Breton it wasn't really her concern who won. She escaped Helgen with Ralof - only logical as the Empire was going to kill her moments before. Eventually she went to Windhelm and spoke with Ulfric, considered joining the Stormcloaks but the more she heard about their ideals she felt the Empire was the right choice. Although she supported the Empire in the end she didn't like the Thalmor and eliminated them wherever possible, she felt that the Empire would be stronger with a united Skyrim and able to stand up to the "damn elves."
  7. I'm a Breton too, (currently at least, until the nines take me and i'm reborn again unto Nirn.) Yes a sexy vampire Breton who's between husbands. I've heard that Lydia often gets angry if you try to loot her cave, but I don't venture with that milk drinker. I just roam around with my two storm thralls perpetually blocking up doorways, or dremora lords if the mood takes me. I'm having an affair with most of the daedric princes, each one believes i'm loyal to them the fools. Speaking of which if you're into drunken debauchery you should find a guy called Sam Guevenne, that guy is a fucking legend. Best night I never remembered; woke up with a sore sphincter which was apparently due to a giant's toe lodged up there. I guess QD could fill in for Hermaeus Mora if we paint him green and stick some anime tentacles on him.
  8. I think i've only played Skyrim once as an Argonian TBH. I just can't get over that damn Nord accent of hers, it rubs me up the wrong way. Aela is much better IMO; better to look at (Saviour's Hide anyone?) and a less annoying accent. I tend to 50/50 between soloing and adventuring with my Dawnstar housecarl, whatever his name is... Gregor? He's to become my new husband after I killed my previous husband Benor because he looked somewhat derpy what with his deformed caveman forehead. (The children haven't asked where he is, but he's lying semi naked in a snow drift a few hundred feet from the house. His life force repeatedly resurrected and slain to fill my Ebony Blade.) I think my next task is to go back to Solstheim and collect the last of Massacre's associates teachings, tis a pity I can't display them in my library with the Oghma Infinium. After that we move against the Dawnguard, they are becoming a nuisance.
  9. Are you sure you're okay landstrider? You seem to be in some sort of mental daze. Maybe you should go see Danica at the Temple of Kynareth and get yourself healed, it could be ataxia. "Tidings." "Yes?" "Yes?" "Tidings." "Hmmm?" *does Argonian things (like stealing all your shit, racism is fun)*
  10. I'd suggest doing Dawnguard and becoming a vampire, I found it very useful earlier on when I was somewhat weaker as a mage going up against several melee opponents. The only problem with using it is you don't level the skills you normally would in battle... plus the whole weaker in day thing which wasn't much of a problem TBH. However as soon as I got the paralyze spell I found I didn't need vampirism so much as I could just stun an enemy, walk up to them and bash them with my mace of Molag Bal. In the end I got rid of it, my character's moved on now... she has two kids and a slightly deformed Nord husband to think about.
  11. I don't think Bethesda actually made an effort to fix any of the bugs for the remaster, it's just sheer luck that many of them don't manifest themselves as readily as the original version. I think it has the potential to be just as buggy. I remember the worst bugs generally happened when attacking forts for the civil war quest and also the Blood on the Ice quest with dialogue options not appearing meaning you hit a brick wall and couldn't finish it. Thankfully i've not encountered either of those in my current playthrough, although I did have a bit of trouble completing Blood on the Ice but I managed to brute force it. Bethesda are the best at making brilliant, buggy games.
  12. Properly manage your inventory = recruit a pack mule to carry all the heavy shit, I always go for Jenassa or Uthgerd myself. Lydia can fuck off.
  13. Belethor dead? That never happens to me, you lucky bastard. Do you mean first dragon as in the scripted one at the western watchtower or the first radiant one? That pretty much sums up this game (and Fallout naturally.) "Dragons have returned??! Better find a mammoth tusk for Ysolda and start gathering materials to build a homestead. Hey there are vampires attacking? A talking dog? My son Shaun? Wabbajack? What was I doing? Something about dragons...? Oh it's several months later, Solitude has probably been burnt to the ground by now. Might as well carry on Fus'ing everyone in sight because I haven't unlocked Ro'Dah yet and can only imagine how fun that'll be."
  14. I never bothered with any of the homes within the cities once Hearthfire was an option. Lakeview Manor will always be my go to home. Also stay out of the Reach, fuck that place. The Forsworn are tough bastards despite their fur clothing. I decided to try becoming a vampire in my current playthrough, something i've never done. I'm playing as a Breton mage who specialises in conjuration, alteration and one handed weaponry (maces) and doesn't wear any armour so i'm reliant on ebonyflesh and the mage armour perk to get me through fights. Becoming a vampire was like setting the game to easy mode; draugr deathlords, dragon priests, the forsworn and other melee heavy npcs all become very easy to take down as a vampire, once I unlocked the coprse curse perk it was even easier. I just wish you could use first person as a vampire, Skyrim is of the few games where I just don't like the third person view.
  15. Fuck I envy you, your virgin mind being able to experience the whole thing anew... not knowing what to expect. Just watch out for the numerous bugs and save often in multiple slots so you always have a previous one to go back to if something bugs out.
  16. They patched the change date to get an empty public session trick, the bastards. Oh well, changing the MTU works. I think the way they should have handled cargo deliveries was not to have it visible to everyone on the map, because 90% of GTA players are twats who are just going to blow your shit up regardless of profit for them, so nobody wins, it's just one big fuckfest. I think they should have a system whereby it isnt pinged mapwide when you collect/sell product, instead you have to phone Lester to reveal the location of players who are carrying product. Perhaps have it similar to the beast mechanic where it just gives you a general radius for that player which fades over time, making you work to hunt down buyers/sellers. Still, that ain't gonna happen, means we might actually make money from our businesses and reduce R*s profit margin. Bought the second cheapest bunker by the military base for 1.6 mil, had enough left to get the shitty yellow paintjob and some caddies. Stole a railgun from Humane Labs, made 5,000 profit. Yep, back to selling cars for me.
  17. Well i'm just wrapping up Mafia 3, I'll probably check it out, see how ridiculously priced everything is and go back to Fallout or Witcher. Doubt I can be arsed to grind for something i'm never gonna use.
  18. Figured as much... doubt my 1.7mil will get me far, if anything at all.
  19. Feels like every time we talk about death I mention Marney, so here I go; hey I wonder if Marney's still alive, if he ever got to sleep in the end or just died of exhaustion? Who else had a less than 50% chance of living, I wasn't really paying much attention around here in the early days of '04 and '05, we had a lot of potential bucket-kickers back then. Perhaps there was someone out there who did chuteless ironing board skydiving and I failed to notice, failed to comprehend such silliness... a shame indeed, whoever they are (if they even exist.) RIP them.
  20. Nah I reckon you'll die in a football riot or a massive pub brawl in your mid forties, usurped by some up and coming young buck eager to claim your title.
  21. More to the point, how many inactive members have kicked the bucket? Pieface I hope.
  22. And how many since Vlad? Fuck, that seems like a lifetime ago.
  23. Seems like 2017 is the year of games with fucked up hillbilly religious cults; first Outlast 2, now this... that's two at least, um, a little help?
  24. Eh, I might check it out when it drops. Doubt it'll pique my interest enough to bring me back to Online full time though. The prices are going to be exorbitant and the novelty of prowling around the map simultaneously blowing and being blown up by other rocket-mounted vehicles will soon wear thin. I think my interest in Online at this point would be satiated by a quick check of my garages, a drive round in a few of my cars and maybe 5 minutes of random gunplay.
  25. Red Dead 2 delayed?! Who'da thunk it? Didn't see that one coming.

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