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  1. Demon, why'd you go and blow Oslo up and then shoot a load of people?

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    2. Massacre


      Demon, you were supposed to get mad at me so I could tell you not to "blow up" at me...

    3. ViceMan


      He "exploded" in a fit of rage and "fired off" several scathing insults at random bystanders. I was trying to think of a joke involving "shooting some pool" for the people he shot in the water, but it'll probably be destined to fail. Meh.

    4. Post-traumatic amnesia

      Post-traumatic amnesia

      I "exploded" a few times in my sitting room while watching the carnage on TV. Not long after, I slipped in my explosions and fell, now I'm at hospital in the same room as some massacre survivors. Life is ironic, isn't it?