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  1. pratfalling for life Reminds me of GTAIV Ragdoll mode ( mod for PC version )
  2. I for one don't care about foliage if it looks shit ill see if i can cut them down in size using the biggest gun at that time availeble probaly a handgun Then ill go to countryside wait to nightfall, see if theyre is anything lurking in the dark. then steal me some nice ass rides to pimp. get my ass into a plane and crash it into some cars. Create a human made blockade on a bridge or intersection, and kill everybody and everything that get out his/her vehicle or stays in for to damn long and see how many cars theyre can be on screen using this procedure.. eventually ill get to do some missions to but thats just that
  3. yeah but would it be usefull with a horizontal aim angle of 20 ( straight forward and little to the left and right ) While hanging out side window ( oh shit speed bump , F$^&K i dropped my RPG.... ) i understand the sunroof thing ( would be great to have that way ill even consider not driving a sports but a bus with sunroof ) then it will be always like HMMMMMM fast and small arms or, slow and pure armageddon
  4. but using it in the car would or outside the side window. 3....2....1 launch ( why you idiot you where meant to blow op theyre car not ours, well thats what i tried but the backblast......... )
  5. real sweet imo Shotguns too, altho I'm certain that if you were to fire an RPG from a car you'd just die as the backblast would blow the car up that plus the fact how the hell do you fire an rpg holding it with 1 hand ? maybe if you had like a bus with a rooftop window ( Back to the future moment ) .. it's the libyans
  6. pretty sure it it an off mission vehicle indeed, cause it was featured in the multiplayer movie " dont think that was a mission either way".. + i Hope it is off mission id love moving around in that thing, exploring the underwater cause that is the only portion of where we havent seen any trully good pictures.
  7. hope that passive mode does not protect from car crashes so people have to find creative ways to kill you drive a car into you ( or if not possible drive a car to you jump out while driving and let the car hit you ).
  8. Impossible, I say 60 days then we will get our next trailer in 90. i bet they have the website ready they just have to put it in the correct directory on webserver and tadaaaaa
  9. low lighting should then also disable the minimap ( Where in gods name am i now and where the hell is my minimap guess ill just walk around and see where i end up just to be attacked by a random animal that you hear comming through the leaves etc WTF was that OMG....... Hospital..
  10. Rockstar is still a company trying to make money, and the future lies in these micro transactions. simple cause people tend to think it's only 99 cent right ,yeah it is but do that 20 times and since people dont keep track of how many times they did it. Combine that with the fact that current gen and next gen consoles have a finance system build in ms points or psn money combine that with the fact that 70 % of the people have there creditcard signed to theyre account then get some ignorance and some human competition drift and you have a win Win WIN $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ situation... that they put so many effort in it, only fuels my thought that they want something in return but well you know ...... Qoute: Time will tell, Sooner or later, Time will tell ( into C&C Red Alert )
  11. well another mistery is solved No more questions regarding the building on top of the hill
  12. then i would just like on my console version having mp3's wma's and ogg,s played ingame with commercials inbetween like ik gta iv etc would be better with radio streams though
  13. Since 90 % of use are 24/7 online why not port online radio into the game ( personalized radio station that you select in the games menu imput stream url or such ) .
  14. Cough.... albeit the fact i preordered the collectors edition at a shop where i know the owner ( if he receives is sooner then release, happens alot then i can pick it up that day probaly a day or 2 early just need to come back and pay a couple of days later ). That doenst mean you cant be a true GTA fan without pre-order. Some people just want the regular version and don't want the blimp cause they think it's useless ( seems a bit ) Rather slow etc. So theyre is no need to say stuff like if you don't pre-order your no fan. It's the same as saying your no true fan of a artist if you dont sleep infront of the door to buy a ticket, But eventually your there on the same day maybe even on a better spot so does it really matter ( except that i had a good night sleep in my own warm bed with my GF riding my ..... car ?? )
  15. Ill be happy with a RDR explosive riffle WHOOOHOO or customizations like explosive rounds
  16. lets face it, how many of us here are actually civilized you seem to be so, since your reaction seems more mature then Flame ,flame, troll (i'm so funny and you suck ). P.S: that's why i said let's ACT like civilized people
  17. I just indicated that in the couple of seconds i looked at the picture's i could not connect them as one place, there is no need to be a idiot bout it man. After all we are all here for the same goal right so there is really no need for that let's just for once act like civilized people....
  18. go to plastic surgeon to get them removed for payment then ill go freddy kreuger all the way, until the end then ill get them removed ...
  19. guess it's real cause theyre are people out there already playing the RTM of it, be it just for making the walkthroughs etc but they have aagreement not to share info, guess what there are always rats ....
  20. those arent the same areas where as the one with the chopper goes over to open sea right after the bridge, and the one with the plane has mountains behind it.
  21. It's been classified R18+ in Australia, and it's the first GTA game after "Episodes from Liberty City" to be released completely uncut! This is indeed a golden day for Australian gaming! http://www.classific...9jlBq6HO1GfvnkN 'Ken oath! only reason that GTA iv was not allowed in AUS was because of Rockstar never cause of the rating board