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  1. Ooooh that's naaasty. Dat cockpit view tho..judging by the emote I take it you didn't know that was a thing in the editor?
  2. I would like a lockbox for my stash... That's probably the most useful out of any of it.
  3. Those screencaps will make a great background for my ps..that pretty much settles my hype.
  4. May 15th- Ogbmx night cause happy belated, at least you're not 30...yet. June 5th-Weevland night cause i am turning 30...With soul crushing depression...And some concentrate substance of some sort to numb the pain.
  5. Contract Id: 2-02-8966706-86 The name should resemble an Igta murder contract. Also,I'll work on your videos tonight bones as well as mine to make up for not doing my hokkaido but this contract will be much more proper.just needed influence in how I wanna make my videos.
  6. Yeah,Saw that but was thinking as far as a lineup goes but maybe we can just do one along the way or something like that. Mines all ready,just deciding if I wanna pull the dirt bikes out and blazer out of my clubhouse so it looks more proper.
  7. Should we maybe talk about what we're gonna do for free roam shenanigans? Stab city's the obvious location or the camp place right off the freeway above paleto.
  8. On my file I just downloaded an apartment mod with the building right next to Cabot house.Reminds me of our GTA apartments but more functional and useful. with a full pantry in the kitchen,full lounge and storage with workbenches and chemistry station in the attic.
  9. HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! You really have something there with those last few snaps!
  10. O FUCK! Welcome to the club! Save about a billion dollars and you can play in marvelous 4K where the graphics will look 5 years older! Pics look Awesome!
  11. Wish I would of at least got something from the playlist...I rampaged on pretty much everybody with a gun bunt in muddy marksman.
  12. I'm in,buds! Haven't touched a game in a week if not a bit longer.I think I still got one glitched outfit with the bag on it so that's my survivalist and simple to just throw a zombie outfit together.
  13. MY FUCKING ROLLING PAPERS Nice! Hopefully when it's finally legal for canada the dispensarys go up quicker than we got em up and running.They'll try to sell ya on some bullshit if you don't know what you're looking for and just look clueless in general but other than that the budtenders are so helpful and know their shit.
  14. I'm flying high all day starting with the brits and onwards with the canadamerican crew right here!