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  1. Ya im not all over teos nuts like a lot of people.
  2. Indiana will play miami in the eastern conference finals I can almost guarantee you that.
  3. I didnt read either because I don't know how to.
  4. The only thing weak about this draft class was quarterbacks. Very good offensive and defensive line prospects.
  5. 3 1st round picks will be expensive but it maypay off.
  6. Minnesota took three first round picks. If you ask me I think they are ready to make a push for the superbowl if they could get any type of passing game.
  7. Jaguars drafted denard Robinson.
  8. Better not take my power bars away from me.
  9. So this is going to be a multiplayer preview?
  10. Very interesting the chargers take the LB from notre dame! Manti teo.
  11. San Diego takes d.j fluker in the first. Im surprised kansas city picked eric fisher number 1 instead of luke. I think Eric will be better and more nastier than luke.
  12. If he makes it to the 3rd round or past that will surely be a steal.
  13. 4 team playoff begins in 2014. The first championship to be played at Dallas. Denard Robinson is on the cover of ncaa 14. Barry sanders is on the cover of madden 25. Draft tomorrow!
  14. Pacers are over Atlanta 1-0 next game tomorrow.
  15. Big ten in 2014 is replacing leaders and legends. They will just name the divisions east and west.
  16. jobo

    The Evil Within

    I think it looks cool.
  17. I assume bones that you know Michigan and Ohio State are rivals. Well I seen Ohio States rings they made for a 12-0 season. On the ring it says Ohio State 26 tun 21. Team up north. Im going to watch this years game hopefully a fight breaks out.