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  1. Thoughts of suicide. They never escape me when I play free roam. And nice shades.
  2. yea, like dup just said a little ways above me, they do edit the screenshots... i think they take the screenshot at a ridiculously high resolution and shrink it down to enhance it... the best way to compare the game would be to look at the trailer screencaps... [bunch of images that don't need to be posted again] they might look a little fuzzy because it's a screencap but look at the world within it... that's what we will see... and it looks pretty good to me still... yea, it's not the top of the line shit, but it's definitely gorgeous... it looks like top of the line shit to me. So im happy.
  3. They played team basketball.
  4. knicks are going HAM

    1. Brian


      I prefer salami.

    2. gtagrl


      I prefer playoff hockey.

    3. jobo


      I prefer Murican sports.

  5. I would love the grizzlies and pacers in the finals.
  6. So we can do arms trafficking and hold up liquor stores?
  7. I enjoy reading autobiographies so any recommendations. I want to read scar tissue written by Anthony keidis lead singer of the red hot Chili Peppers.
  8. Pacers knicks tomorrow!
  9. jobo

    Call of Duty

    I loved big red one.
  10. jobo

    Call of Duty

    I do find them boring.
  11. jobo

    Call of Duty

    Don't they spend 2 years making each one?
  12. I watched a review and the zombies just stood in place. They didn't even catch on fire.
  13. He is a douche. A indoor football team offered him a contract.
  14. rockstar is really pissing me off! They never show info!



      naaa, theres gotta be

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      tomorrow, nigguh...



      yeah, more about the phones, cvg spotted a ipad mock too

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  15. mannn I hope jimi hendrix is

  16. Franklins trailer was the most action packed and it made me smile. Not saying hes my favorite because I don't have one right now.