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  1. Pacers knicks tomorrow!
  2. jobo

    Call of Duty

    I loved big red one.
  3. jobo

    Call of Duty

    I do find them boring.
  4. jobo

    Call of Duty

    Don't they spend 2 years making each one?
  5. I watched a review and the zombies just stood in place. They didn't even catch on fire.
  6. He is a douche. A indoor football team offered him a contract.
  7. Franklins trailer was the most action packed and it made me smile. Not saying hes my favorite because I don't have one right now.
  8. Ya im not all over teos nuts like a lot of people.
  9. Indiana will play miami in the eastern conference finals I can almost guarantee you that.
  10. I didnt read either because I don't know how to.
  11. The only thing weak about this draft class was quarterbacks. Very good offensive and defensive line prospects.
  12. 3 1st round picks will be expensive but it maypay off.
  13. Minnesota took three first round picks. If you ask me I think they are ready to make a push for the superbowl if they could get any type of passing game.
  14. Jaguars drafted denard Robinson.
  15. Better not take my power bars away from me.