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  1. jobo

    The Evil Within

    Thats tits. Its probably a wolfenstein.
  2. Spring game this Saturday pretty excited. The draft is next week chargers should be getting a left tackle. Hopefully luke Johnson from aTm I believe is his name. Or eric fisher from central Michigan. Imagine picking another defensive stud though that would be 3 years straight on defense in the 1st round. Sign a good free agent tackle and draft Taylor lewan from Michigan next year if hes available. Luke joekel.
  3. There is a fourth guy we play as called casey. Rumor that was supposedly confirmed by the voice actor.
  4. I didn't know ku zi was a passionate fan of the boondocks. great show

    1. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      Yup, great show indeed. Uncle Ruckus often keeps me in stitches. Tom is pretty funny too.

      "My booty is mine. It belongs to me. You can not have my booty.

    2. jobo


      I got the unrated and uncut versions. They are pretty revealing.

  5. I mean max Payne wasn't out yet and they announced gta.
  6. Shouldn't rockstar be announcing there next project soon?
  7. Its going to be tough to get the 2nd seed. The knicks are tearing it up right now.
  8. dennis rodman hanging with kim jon un

  9. Watching the pacers kickin ass all season.
  10. I luv u <3 ☆♡♥★

    1. GunSmith


      How did you produce the hollow heart?

    2. jobo


      Magica □○☆◇°¤

  11. Bla bla bla just got bla bla bla and he's bla bla bla and rick was like ahhh.
  12. A open world game set near the east coast. In the 1920s with moonshine as a theme. Lawless. It can be the next red dead.
  13. jobo

    360 vs PS3

    I turn on my Xbox updates in 5 seconds.
  14. i say lord take me downtown.

    1. jobo


      Im just looking for some tush.

    2. Brian


      I'm an ass man myself.

    3. jobo
  15. jobo

    Total War Series

    Medieval 2 will always be the best.
  16. A little brawl versus the warriors last night.
  17. Well with the recent success of other mobile qbs. I think he would be a good wildcat guy as he can throw and run. Also throw better than tebow.