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  1. jobo

    Total War Series

    Medieval 2 will always be the best.
  2. A little brawl versus the warriors last night.
  3. Well with the recent success of other mobile qbs. I think he would be a good wildcat guy as he can throw and run. Also throw better than tebow.
  4. Pacers dominate pistons and Danny makes one of his ten shots in his debut.
  5. I saw destiny stuff at gamestop.
  6. jobo

    XBOX One

    They will probably talk about that illumni room.
  7. jobo

    XBOX One

    Thanks dog. Forza is a really fun game but hoping for some more exclusives
  8. Engine: 350 4 bolt main, Transmission (auto): 700R4 (Professionally Rebuilt under 500 miles ago), Street Dominator Intake, chrome-molly rings, 650 edelbrock carb, new heads & headers, WS6 spring package, KYB shocks and struts, 308 posi-track, Fuel Cell (12g that's what my 87 firebird I should be getting with in two weeks gots.
  9. Pacers are dominating. Just read a article that suggests racism is the reason for Indianas low attendance.
  10. jobo


    I think I will be joining you guys this holiday.
  11. jobo


    Are they showing what the console looks like?
  12. jobo


    If the next gran Turismo doesn't have some serious American muscles im getting both or just the box.
  13. Bronson I love... You umm girlfriend/sister.
  14. Cyber punk 2077 is what it's called.
  15. I would beat that ass. If someone didn't pay for trashing my car...
  16. jobo


    Is infinite going to be a whole new story line or will I have to play the first 2?
  17. God the heat are overrated it takes a team to win.