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  1. 46" full hd sony bravia lcd, its ok, i want to upgrade to led min 52"
  2. But you can stream LIVE with one of that toy?
  3. without cheats story is more intersting. After that with cheats is very funny.
  4. about the van i saw it before. This one looks exactly like that one. Fake then )
  5. Is anybody here watching NBA?
  6. and again M$ will hit market with a new console too early, while Sony will wait couple months, add more power to it. And at the finish people will make tests and later say ps4 is better than xbox....
  7. Well man, we need to wait, maybe after Christmas or New Year will get some fresh info.
  8. Most of us already know about that, but maybe will be useful for somebody ). I already knew all the info over there, but i have read again.
  9. I heard rumors that will be impossible to edit main character. I mean like in GTA:SA. You can't work out in gym to build some muscles. I guess we'll see the ~50 years old guy who will kill and rob everything and everyone.