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  1. I still haven't been able to play it. I think that's the only thing I dislike about it at the moment.
  2. New series of webisodes got released today for those who are interested. After "Torn Apart" which featured 6 webisodes and "Cold Storage" which featured 4, which were all pretty short if I remember correctly, the new series of webisodes is called "The Oath". The first two series gave a bit of a back story to what happened on the actual show, but nothing big really. It's basically just a way to keep the fans happy during the long wait for the next season. This one's 3 parts, 7-10 minutes each and from a preview I've seen, it actually doesn't look that bad. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Going to have to watch these tomorrow though, really need to get some sleep right now!
  3. Rockstar hates you. I was hoping to play for at least an hour today. But seeing how I came home from my night shift and was constantly trying to join a game until now, I think I'm just going to get some sleep now. Got to create a character, Modern day John Marston with a blonde hipster cut and epic 9 o'clock shadow. Had a good amount of fun with that, so I guess I'm satisfied enough for now.
  4. I'll have to wait until I get home to check this out. Which won't be for another 6 hours.. But with the huge amount of people trying to connect to the servers, I'm sure I'm not missing out on anything.
  5. TheMainEvent33 Took me a while find it. Never really been an online gamer, but I'm sure GTA Online is going to change that.
  6. Surprisingly I haven't really ran into any random/funny moments like the ones described in this thread. Except for funny moments in cutscenes and missions but that's a whole other story. I guess I'll have to drive around the map and just dick around more instead of playing missions all the time.
  7. Might it be because you're not wanted and you don't have any money? I'm disappointed by the fact that Burger Shot or any other restaurant isn't accessible. Even if eating there wouldn't put your health back to normal, it would've been a nice place to hang out with friends, do a robbery like the ones in convenience stores or maybe even go in there and kill employees and customers if you want their competitors stock to go up..
  8. Franklin crawled out of his car when it landed on its side after crashing and I think I was controlling him while he was crawling (not sure). I don't remember if this was already in GTA IV but I was impressed. It's little things like these that make the game perfect for me.
  9. Click 'Not found' in the upper right corner of the map. Then it'll show you the collectibles you haven't found yet.
  10. Took my time to go underwater, look around and enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery during my last playing session. I saw a shark, it was VERY far away from me but I chickened out and climbed back in my boat. I'm such a pussy, even in a video game I get terrified by a shark that's not even close to me.
  11. Trevor eating or searching for something out of a garbage can. Couldn't really see exactly what he was doing.
  12. Just found out that all the locations of the letter scraps, as well as other collectibles can be found on the checklist on Social Club too. It kind of takes away the fun in investigating the map over and over again to find all the collectibles, but I'm too lazy for doing that anyway so I'm glad they uploaded that map. Doesn't feel like I'm cheating because it was Rockstar who put it on their website
  13. Ah I see. Underworld.. Under the world.. It all makes sense now!
  14. I don't understand stock exchange in real life, I don't understand it in GTA V. Call me stupid, it's just too difficult to me. Always failed math and economics in college, that might have something to do with it. Until I find some more information or a tutorial on how to do it in the game, I won't mess around with it too much. I want to spend my money on property, cars, planes, weapons and clothes for now. Might try to do some investing during my second play through, which is probably going to start very soon after my first one
  15. I have no idea what you're talking about.. What is GTA Underworld?