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    Most Driving games like Gta Series and Saints Row Series and Forza Motorsport Series and also Shooting games like Call of Duty Series and Far Cry Series.
  1. Realistic season changes and realistic fog unlike gta iv and even to the point to where the wind can affect your driving. And there also be weather forecast on the radio and it will tell you the real weather for that day or that week like for example: Today's going to be sunny with a chance of rain and humidity and a high of 89 degrees today
  2. I would like it real world realistic like K9's and more smart better cops way more force but not to the point to where you will get shot for resisting arrest.
  3. I hope all kinds like Phones Tablets Telivisions and such
  4. Id like to see car modification close to Midnight Club!
  5. I'd like to see way more realism in this game than the other Gta games because I don't like the games that are unrealistic like Gta Sanadreas I mean I liked that game a lot but it was so unrealistic. I'd also like to see a lot more trucks and more cars but I love trucks like 1994 Chevy 2500 ext. cab short bed 4x4 and 1998 Dodge ram 2500 Quad cab - single cab short bed 4x4 and 1991 Dodge ram 2500 Quad cab - single cab Short bed 4x4 and a 1997 ford f-250 King cab short bed 4x4. and such! Also have it like it is here where I live in Grayling! Deep thick woods in the middle of nowhere no people just swamps and woods bears deer and such!!!!
  6. I think or hope you can spend your money on anything such as... Haircuts, Clothes, Cars, Car customization and furniture for you house and Property and Tattoos and just the every day things.
  7. I would like all different types and year of trucks and cars like 300 - 700 or more cars on the game. TONS OF CARS AND TRUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love it if the game had a first person view or also called cockpit view instead of hood view I mean really. don't put no stupid shit on the game, make it cool so more people will buy the game!
  8. I did a couple weeks ago at Gamestop! for Xbox 360
  9. there should be military bases on Gta V!
  10. Gta v skould be very realisc like bad enough wreaks in your cars kill you very very very realisic!!!!!
  11. Man seeing all this art work and Pictures are making me want it even more!!
  12. Even though i have a lab top and a desk top computer i'd rather have it on Xbox 360 and PS3 byt i have lots of friends who want it to come out on PC so i'm with them then and it would be cool to have it on PC plus you guys Rockstar Games would make much more money! so it's a plus for the people and it's a plus for you so everybody's happy!
  13. I wish it wouldn't of been moved to September 17th but if theres glitches in it i'd rather it be made right and work properly and have no glitches then have it come out tomarrow but but glitches!