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  1. No ACEOFSPADES327 it's not look at the grill it says DeClasse the (gta version of chevy) the Calvaclade is made by Albany ( the gta version of Cadillac) I do agree that they look similar but only because in real life chevy and Cadillac base their truck bodies off of one another
  2. TreeFitty if u still need those picks (because I don't see them on the wiki yet just the names) here they are oracle vigero and (speculated) rancher
  3. Possibly, now that I look at it I'm not sure they just didn't seem like factory grade rims but u may be right TuomaZ
  4. This is proof that car customization is present in the game look at this car's rims
  5. Damn I kinda liked those cars but they kept that model for the taxis though The new Déclassé (chevy) truck they have is pretty cool
  6. Now this is unrelated to the whole buffalo thing but what about these new police cars are they replacing the patrol cars seen in earlier trailer and screenshots or are these what you get at higher wanted levels. They look like ford Taurus police interceptors
  7. Look at the ones on the building u can see the unfinished part of the girl with the phone and the unfinished part of chop
  8. It matches up perfectly with the unfinished ones look at it Besides the chopper
  9. That's what I meant the file must not have attached the first time
  10. On YouTube one guy spotted that what looked like a bear in the second trailer when Franklin is dirt inking in the woods
  11. Sorry didn't know that was already a topic

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      Happens to every newbie. Welcome to the forums.

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      Nope, it only happens to noobs. Some newbies actually have common sense to use the search feature.

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      The iPad fucks a lot of the format up so I can't see certain things that r actually there

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  12. I would want to see more SUVs like the ford expedition, edge and/or escape