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  1. Trailer is going to be released on Thursday.It's going to be 2 April on Thursday and it is tomorrow. I have waited long for PC version and haven't touched GTA 5 until now.Even I haven't played it on any console. Maybe 14th of April is final date and will get to play it now. I hope game will be worth our wait and I am eager to play it on my PC. 15th of April is my birthday and GTA 5 will be a good gift for me by R* if they don't delay it anymore.
  2. Thing I missed alot in GTA IV was the Hot Coffee.Wanted it to return in GTA V. Imagine Micheal and Amanda or Franklin and his girlfriend.All so cool. Wanted Hot Coffee To Return
  3. That would be a really cool way to spend money. I'd feel all important and intimidating having a black SUV full of commandos with me. with all these luxuries we will need to pay a high amount to the security providing companya nd if anyting goes wrong them we are going to fuck that company and make it to pay. An ambush on street when going to night club with all those bodyguards,sitting in a limosine.WoW.
  4. After killing people why is anyone going to hide inside the camper.I don't think R* will provide better interior and keep on following there tradition.....But atleast we could is HOPE for it. A Monster Truck, badass vehicle but needed to me modified with some realistic driving experience.In San Andreas,it just flip or roll down when we tried to go over cars and smashing them. It would be better if they make it correct.
  5. Thanks for answering even it was off the topic.
  6. What does this topic is locked means.there is a lock appeard on the upper right corner of the page saying"This Tpoic Is Locked" What does that means? and why it happens?
  7. With Ch-47 I also wanted the to add some new army vehicles which we have not seen in previous GTA's.They should also make the minigun useful on the humvee or the army helicopter.We could gather three protagonist together and one must fly the heli while the other two must operate the minigun.We can change the protagonist at any time and with this we can enjoy flying and firing at the same time.
  8. 2nd,4th and the last one are the best pics.Your hands are Photoshop professional buddy. Great Work
  9. CH-47.....OMG! Are you carzy like me? Yeah! that is also a good idea.It would be the best transporter for the heavy vehicles in the air but only if R* would allow us to use by making it a part of game.
  10. If horses are rideable, why not other animals as well? For instance Bulls. Maybe their could be a mini-game involving Bull Riding ( like a Rodeo or something ), I could see Trevor getting down with something like this. Or maybe there could even be a Rodeo Clown mini-game. Your idea of bull riding is great but if we compare it with the information we have till now than I think Bull riding ( like a Rodeo or something ) wouldn't be a part of game. But we could still hope for it until more info or till the release.
  11. More attacking vehicles? ~ The All-Terrain Vehicle below could be good for using in the Desert ~ Hopefully the other characters can use the weapons in the vehicle as well ( imagine 1 guy flying, and 2 guys on Miniguns on either side of the helicopter firing at other players in Multiplayer/ would be great ). Yeah..! these are cool and need them in GTA V to cause CHAOS like did in Just Cause 2.Your idea of more people on one vehicle is better for the level of fun I want.
  12. I have't played RDR but it sound fun to me.A break from all those nasty things which we are doing since GTA III.
  13. If there will be zoo then I am going to steal the animals form there like horses(If able to ride them)
  14. Hi I am Faraz.I am a PC gamer from Pakistan.I have played GTA since GTA III.Loved all the R* games and played them all except the RDR cause of no PC release.Waiting for the GTA V to get confirmed for PC.Will not mind the late release for the PC version but atleast want R* to confirm the date. The thing I enjoyed the most in GTA is the cability of modding it on PC,which I do with every installment in GTA series. It increases the fun alot and Give the player a lot more capabilities with also removing the boundries of game.
  15. Hunting will be a part of game if animals are here to hunt.Best in the woods will be if we are attacked by a bear suddenly and we have hunting rifle but with that there should be something to do with the hunted animal. I hope we will we able to sell it to gain money.