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  1. My initial thought of Michael on the speedophile was that he was carrying a RPG on his back hah but the more I look at it I'm assuming that's a mirror..
  2. This is a big enough crowd for me.. I think that areas that would typically be crowded will be..
  3. I wasn't buying it until you pointed out the tail lights. The chrome in place of red could be an upscale trim line or something of the sort, but the shape is totally different. The car on the bridge is obviously in the middle of a fender bender and I think its tail light has been broken and we're seeing the casing on the inside of the light??
  4. Idk if many of you have seen the GTA crash testing video which I'm not positive if its even real but it definitely looks like GTA. Either way, in one of the scenes there is an awesome first person view where they're driving in a truck and you can see much of the interior of the vehicle. I can see Rockstar going the distance to do something like that. Their attention to detail is phenomenal which would combine well with the game play. Imo that would be a cool feature to have in GTA V. With the ability to see your character steer, change the radio station, shift gears, etc. Maybe even an on-foot first person view option but then again I think that would seem too much like Far Cry or something else... What are your thoughts? Start the video at 2:52 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeWuMNeiuzc
  5. I'm sticking with the GTA franchise. I've beat GTA IV and its DLC many times but I'm finally going for 100%. I think I'll experience GTA V's atmosphere much better with some GTA already in my system. lol
  6. Damn I Would do the same thing will the same car hah I don't know why I liked driving that car anyway..
  7. Im thinking they might put like a giant ass squid in the depths of the ocean.. so when we're cruising in our subs we get the shit scared outta us.. hah just a thought.. I wonder what kind of shit they will actually put in the ocean though???
  8. My guess is that it'll be a lot like red dead. Deer, bears, birds, dogs are already confirmed, most likely some farm animals, and maybe cats but who gives a shit about them and in the IGN interview they said they seen a coyote in the demo.
  9. Im just hoping that some of our favorites come back from SA. Like the Hunter, the Monster, BF Injection maybe even the vortex. It would be great to see the fun vehicles come back too like the lawn mower, go-kart and tractor.
  10. That is true.. but he was still a strong character who at least didn't necessarily want to be the bad guy.. just a bad crowd, which still sounds a lot like Franklin this far..
  11. I don't think Franklin has really received enough credit. In my opinion, he is our modern day CJ. He has a gang-related background yet trying to make something positive of himself... That was basically CJ in SA. These are the facts we know so far at least...
  12. Niko: You wanna know something funny?Pegorino: Not really...Niko: The Old Families.. I know some of those guys.. and they.. thought you were a fat fucking joke!Pegorino: Whatever..Niko: A joke! Hahahaha....