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  1. Since Mt. Chilliad is in the game I really hope they remake that mission where CJ is following the train.
  2. Mousing over says it's a concept design
  3. I doubt it. Either the technology would be the same/very similar (So it'd be pointless) Or the technology won't be exiting enough to warrant it. I do hope for some behind the scenes type footage though.
  4. http://www.computera...-by-april-2013/ " That's according to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz and Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter. The former said in a research note this morning: "Full year FY13 guidance for net revenues of $1.75B-$1.85B and fully diluted EPS of $2.00-$2.25 were also essentially in line with our expectations. Most importantly, the EPS range was relatively unchanged from guidance for EPS "in excess of $2.00 per diluted share" which management first provided on its Q3:F12 call." Tl:dr, basically based on the expected revenue for T2 next year, some analysts are saying V is likely to be released early 2013. Thoughts?
  5. 1. There were 80+ cars in GTA 4, why would they cut that number in half for a game that's supposed to be much bigger? 2. This list (assuming it's real) doesn't actually prove shit. We still have no idea what most of them will look like, and I imagine even the ones we've seen before will be redesigned somewhat.
  6. I think this would be better suited as a mod for the PC. The hardware for 360/ps3 probably isnt good enough to hold this kind of stuff. Plus you have to consider the fact that each car will have different strengths, and as such going 40mph in a really small car would probably end up with yuou being sandwiched between the rear wheels and the car you crashed into. I don't wanna die doing 100mph during a mission because I got crumpled in a car wreck. Although as a mod it would be cool to be able to turn it on, and crash into stuff and watch it back in the scene editor thing.
  7. Like Assassins Creed did? AC was so epic, but then it became annual and started to get worse. Ubisoft said that they'd been working on AC3 for 3 years, so hopefully things will change when that's out. But on topic, it doesn't have to end. Hell, the mario franchise has been around for decades, and there hasn't been an original idea in one of the mario games since forever. So as long as people keep buying GTA games, they will be made. And Rockstar are one of the few companies who put quality before quantity, so I doubt they'll see a significant drop in sales at any point, unless a competitor creates a VR version or something crazy.
  8. Either a gore cheat or setting would be the best of both worlds. For sunday drivers who don't want it, have it off. For those of us who think smashing someone against a wall with a bus would be a hell of a lot more fun with more realistic gore, we can have it turned on. My main problem with the gore/injury mechanics in IV was the fact that no matter what the wound, the person would always limp away clutching their chest. Which was really gay and unrealistic. If i'm beating someone to death with a bat, I wanna watch them crawl a few spaces before I smash them over the head again. In IV you have to stop aiming, run toward them, aim at them again, and swing, hoping you hgit them in time before they managed to limp a few feet out of range.
  9. I mean being good and not believing in God. The general consensus with religion, is that if you do not follow religion X, you will go to hell, regardless of whether or not you are a good person. People use OMG because it's a figure of speech. A saying. And the same goes for non religious people using it, or any other saying involving hell, god, etc. It has nothing to do with whether or not you believe. I am not a pagan yet I celebrate christmas. & I used the bible as an example, from your post about fearing hell/believing in God because you fear the consequences of not doing so, you made it sound like you were religious. Believing in God doesn't make you a good person automatically. You can believe in God and do things that make you not want to look at yourself in the mirror, and you can not believe in God and have no problem looking at yourself in the mirror. Being good, and believing in God, have nothing to do with each other.
  10. Thought i'd make a more generic version of Smafugula's thread. Do you care for gore in GTA games? Do you want to see more realistic gore in V? Personally I think it'd make the game more fun due to the modern physics engine. Being able to pop heads in VC/3 wasn't that big of a deal, but I think with current physics it'd make blasting people with rocket launchers much more enjoyable. The blood/gore in IV was pretty tame compared to many other games. I'd also like to see more realistic injuries. I.e, if you run over someone, i'd like to see them end up with limbs bent the wrong way, or see people crawling away with a leg injury, as opposed to limping all the time. Obviously it depends on what the software is capable of, but I can dream nonetheless. Thoughts?
  11. But by the bible's logic, God does punish the good. If I am 'good' my whole life, but do not believe, according to the bible I will go to hell. Yet a serial killer can repent, and go to heaven. Where is the justice in that? & As for your last comment, no offense, but living your life around Occam's Razor is pretty moronic. By the same reasoning, you should live in a bubble and never go outside, just to be safe. Additionally, following a religion simply because you're scared of being punished/going to hell etc means you're not a true follower of said religion, and therefore you will go to hell/recieve punishment anyway. Yay for circular logic. But on topic, I have asked the same question in the past. The general consensus from religious people who responded was that they would either enter limbo/purgatory, or be judged based on their actions, as they haven't denied God, they were simply unaware. It's the same problem with regard to the millions of people who lived before Christianity. If Christianity is the true religion, it came pretty fucking late.
  12. I think needing petrol could work in some missions, to increase the difficulty somewhat. Or maybe if taxi/paramedic/fire missions came back, those vehicles needed refueling.
  13. I thought the story of TLAD was better, but everything else goes to TBoGT. It was wackier, there were more improvements to the game overall than there were in TLAD, and TLAD had too many bikes. I know its kinda the point of a motorcycle gang but I hated driving round on them for every mission. As for DLC in V, I don't care much for a new story/more missions. I prefer it when stuff gets added to the game in general/free roam, like new cars, guns etc. I disliked the fact that there were only 2 pieces of DLC for GTA 4, I was hoping for some smaller stuff too, such as content packs or cheats. Hell, cheat DLCs would have been only kilobytes big and I hardly imagine they would be difficult to program.
  14. I'd rather have a random percentage of my car cutting out/stalling/suddenly breaking than running out of PETROL, as that would be more realistic imho. Either that, or have the fuel tank like 1+ hour of gameplay's worth of fuel, since you can get from 1 end of a GTA game to the other in around 15 minutes tops at full speed in a fast car, so it'd be difficult to scale down real cars to a GTA game I think. The only reason i'd give a shit about the fuel would be if the car I was in was really rare or one i'd modded (assuming that was possible). I rarely recall a time where i'm in a car long enough to potentially use a tank of fuel anway. So it would only affect me personally if the amount of fuel in pedestrian cars was random, meaning you could drive for a further 1 minute or 100. I say no to the mechanic, but wouldn't moan if it was in the game.
  15. Personally i'd be satisfied if V was San Andreas with modern graphics and physics. So really anything more than that is a bonus. But specifically, I want BMXes. I spent more time on those things than I did anything else lol
  16. I'm down. You'd all love me as an admin, I know it
  17. Hey cousin, why do you not call me back? Lets go bowling!
  18. This problem could be solved with cheap/free DLC holding extra cheats/modes that operate similarly to PC mods, except it could be regulated with consoles, i.e adding it to the cell phone or something, thus avoiding people cheating online. But getting content on XBL is a ballache for games companies (i've read articles from people like cliffy B, complaining about that very process) and microsoft aren't getting a slice of the pie for releasing incredibly small, free DLC so it wont happen. Watching all the extra fun mods have on youtube makes me want to switch to PC gaming completely. But I'm poor so i'll sit here and look at my partially built rig instead.
  19. 1) Where the shit did you hear 'rockstar tend to design 3 maps and choose their favourite'? I 2) The map is a confirmed fake. 3) Why the fuck did you bump a 2 month old topic? 4) Do you honestly think 4 years after IV they still havent finished the map yet? Imho that would be one of the first things that gets done. (Sorry for stealing your thunder Marney)
  20. I think it's more likely we'll see a brand new city/name in the next GTA, and vice city will be further down the line if it ever comes back. LCS, VCS, and now back to San Andreas, imho there's been to many rereleases lately to warrant another.
  21. The HUD is generally deperate from the engine, i.e it's another layer entirely. I prefer it at the bottom personally, since my eyes tend to look downward more up when gaming as most games have the HUD at the bottom.
  22. I think he's saying the regular multiplayer for IV failed in general
  23. They're working on Agent too, the testers may not be exclusively for V. But yeah, there tends to be more testing toward the end of project so I hope so
  24. You never know, Ezio was still getting ladies and jumping from rooftops at 54 in ass creed revelations. With modern science our guy could be 90 and still droppin beats by the coast
  25. Anytime after they actually start programming the game. As soon as the loading screen has been programmed, that needs to be tested, so basically from there onwards. They test everything from the game booting properly upwards. It's an incredibly boring job for the most part, as you spend most of the time re-playing unfinished sections of the game, and that's assuming you're actually testing the game itself. The biggest benefit really is that it gives you a foot in the door if you're interested in a better position. I recall reading an article from a woman who got into the industry through QA testing, and said one of her first jobs was to open and close the disc tray for the 360 for about an hour. It's far from the 'dream job' the media portrays it to be. Also that QA tester job has been there for months
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