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  1. I'm gonna go ahead and click the confused button 0_0 some sort of inside joke im guessing lmao
  2. These guys are great! I mean come on! The legendary fingerless gloves are back even though they weren't there to begin with!....sort of? Anyway take a look guys
  3. I think Dre is a good possibility, so is eminem, at least I hope we can finally see some eminem in gta
  4. If they make the tanks realistic sure, but the problem is tanks can get pretty boring, so they'd have to come up with something like Saints Row 3 did, in that game tanks can literally just roll over cars crushing them. Although what I would love to see if we get to face the national guard in the game, I'd love to see those military 4 by 4 kinda lookin thing (noob with cars really) where they have a machine gun on top where the soldier can come out at the top shooting you with it while they chase you
  5. 1 Star = Cops chase you down and attempt to arrest you (knight sticks) could use force, possibly a mini game to escape their clutches 2 Stars = Same as 1 but they start using guns, only to arrest you and assault your vehicle (wheels) 3 Stars = They start shooting you, using things like shotguns while the other cop drives the cop in the passenger seat uses a shotgun to weaken your car 4 Stars = Police call in SWAT Members and helicopters 5 Stars = FBI take over 6 Stars = Army/National Guard 7 Stars = MARTIAL LAW! DAMN HOW I WISH SO! Also Tasers should play a part in this along with mase and the swat members should be able to use things like gas canisters.
  6. hmm maybe a lock is in order? seen this posted before and we already know its IGN's opinion.
  7. Drinking Games Pool, Darts etc Golf (already in) Fighting type games (e.g. fight club) More creative races Maybe climbing mountains? Photography minigames (maybe take screen shots like SR3) More advanced Police work (Get a uniform, have more abilities like arresting people etc.)
  8. ahaha what?!! you went and dissed max payne! aw hell nawh! you went nd fucked up the whole game now! xD
  9. Hmm long as we can go in play mini games and kill al the teens, I'd like that. And while we're talking about this picking up young girls thing, I think we should be able to set up dates with young chicks then turns out its a trick by the cops or much better yet chris hansen! xDD id love that
  10. If they do ban it, its pathetic. Australians shouldn't have to miss out because people running their country are corrupt dickheads.
  11. We're approaching Christmas, only 3 days away now. Think we'll be getting anything from them for Christmas or New Year? I'm thinking at most a very teasing gift, something such as a very slight hint to the game or maybe Rockstar will put those domains to use which they purchased? Anyway I'm really looking forward to January, I just think we'll hear more once we enter 2012. And yes, news is VERY slow these days. >.<
  12. I'd like to see the countryside cops carry revolvers and stuff like double barrel shotguns, that would be fantastic I'd like to see some real military guns, like scar-h, stuff like that I'd basically like 3 times the amount of guns than gta 4
  13. eh? wtf is this? lol why would he be involved? I recognise his voice but I don't see how he's relevant
  14. Well that's some nice little news at least, just hearing really big map gets you excited Probably means the biggest map yet out of any game they have ever made, cant wait, it will make the online much better and back up the idea of 32 people on XBL and PSN now. However I wouldn't completely still count out the other 2 places xD I mean come on he's not exactly denying them but I do think there's a good chance they wont be in this because they're probably making it realistic :/
  15. Hey that ain't have bad, even though the accent is 100% american lol I guess he could have British roots.. Wouldn't rule that out at all, interesting catch
  16. @ Ludzidocelowych dont let them get to you man lol I dont know what they get out of ganging up on you, youre only pissed that they wont release more info and are keeping us waiting, to me it sounds like they are humping rockstars leg xD just ignore them man, best thing you can do is google GTA 5 every day in the news feed to find somethin i dont get all this argueing guys, just leave it
  17. Are you joking? That's only 1/2 months after Max Payne, no fucking way that will happen. dont count it out dude, companies still release their own titles together, think of it this way, if they release 2 huge titles like that together, it will make them an atomic bomb of cash lol No, most people will choose one or the other, ruining the sales for the weaker title which in this case is Max Payne 3. Yeah, most. But we are talking Rockstar. I wasn't talkin bs when I said companies sometimes release titles near each other, look it up in google, sometimes it means an even greater sale.
  18. People don't overreact, theyre only angry cos of a teaser trailer and its true, they are being a bit annoying themselves, us GTA fans would be happy with the littlest detail, but rockstar being rockstar have said nothing and are only annoying a lot of fans lol I too am pretty angry at how we have had nothing apart from a little teaser trailer, its gotten to the point where we have pointed out everything we can about the trailer. Are you joking? That's only 1/2 months after Max Payne, no fucking way that will happen. dont count it out dude, companies still release their own titles together, think of it this way, if they release 2 huge titles like that together, it will make them an atomic bomb of cash lol
  19. I didn't mean to offend anyone, i wasn't trying to be a dick or anything I was just saying nothing should stop you speaking your mind ://