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  1. One thing that will totally ruin this game for me is if they don't bring back grove street, the ballas, los santos vagos, etc gangs back. And if they don't bring back ACTUAL names back like Jefferson (which you can actually see the jefferson motel at the end of the trailer), Idlewood, Mulholland. Blueberry, Polomino creek, fishers lagoon, Mt. chillia, Angel pine, Back o beyond i would LOVE to see especially if they had a big foot easter egg, Basically all of flint county, and everywhere else. You get what i mean...
  2. Lately i have been having doubts on the main character being Tommy because why would he move from Vice city to Los Santos for the weather? They both have hot tropical climates, and if you compare both realistically Miami is a better place to be, L.A. is a rough place.
  3. Ha ha, i know its fake but pretty damn funny to see these replies:)
  4. Ok like a week ago i was surfing google for some GTA V news. I Found this but all it says is 3 weeks ago. Look at answer 8. Only if we knew if it was posted before the trailers release or after. ( Probably after )