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  1. Mmm, intresting.... Imma check it out, and pray I wont be eaten by coyotes again... #Ugly moment from RDR
  2. Note: I haven't found a topic about THIS yet --- We all know those stories from san andreas, bigfoot, UFO seen nearby area 69, serial killers, and more, And I was playing GTA V last night, and I decided to go to Mount Chiliad. I got on the cable car, enjoyed the sight, after I had reached the summit, I noticed a odd door, and a map/drawing, with weird symbols, (Dont own pic, got it from google , but its the same I saw yesterday) I tried blowing up the door (seen left of micheal) up with grenades, no succes... I went to the binoculairs, and jumped of the mountain with the sanchez. I went back and noticed this: (I do NOT own this picture!) Look closely and you'll spot "Come back when your story is complete" (Bottom) What do you think? What do the symbols represent? Let me know! (I haven't completed the story yet) what will happen when you come back (100% complete), maybe it will open?? Let the discussion commence!!!
  3. I'm pre-ordering one for €120,- For the dutch people:$s=grand%20theft%20auto%20v%20collectors%20edition Just sayin'
  4. Got Gta sa on PS3, pretty cool , just sniffing up memories at Mount Chilliad, Fawk Yaw !
  5. I Haven't been following GTA news lately, And I just noticed this so posted it xD Aaaaaanyway, My hot-airballoon is prepared for the trip back to The Jerk Room , so goodbye .....FOR NOW !!!*Evil Tune* EDIT: OH I forgot to quote you , TreeFitty... *FACEPALM*
  6. *Deleted by gta4tiger due stupid content*
  7. Get a muscle car, go to a casino and make $$$ .... buy a cool suit and pay a visit to the gun shop, spend remainig cash on a nice rifle, get to the woods and hunt camping ppl. a silenced pistol and knife is also welcome
  8. hoping for classic boxart, like gta sa,as far as I known,correct me if I'm wrong,but,every 'classic' boxart contained a female character(iFruit Girl?) and a police heli,so it will problaly be in... BTW- what about a Map ,or a Poster in the game-pocket ,Or BOTH like most R* game, got *COUNTING* only 3 posters (SA,<PS2/PC AND PS3>IV(Complete EDD.<PS3> ),RDR<XBOX> ) and a< dual-map sided one RDR-GOTY EDD-PS3>) EDIT:fucked post up LOL
  9. Beign at night in a forrest,when your car is out of gasoline, crreeppyy... Realistic darkness would be cool... A new myth , maybe a lost spirit with a machete
  10. the mountains in the trailer seemed to be huge,so maybe a hidden cave with puzzels to get out of it? or a lake with a crashed plane in it?
  11. How about buy stuff at 24/7 and you can save it for later and with an expiration date,so you can sell it to a hobo ... or buy 'holidays' , you will go on a cruise and sail a week round the state (its problaly on an island) and you can dance (like in TBoGT) and get the 'Surprise' or do other awesome activities ,like ShiFting weights , or discover easter eggs in the ship , and my favorite drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink drink , puke, pass out, and wake up in power room... Just an suggestion BTW -.- OR HIJACK IT!! *BadEvilLaughs* and maybe even sea sickness and you need to buy medicines...
  12. What if you it was able to run out of fuel, THAT WILL BE AWESOME -o
  13. I don't want to pass out when I almost finished a hard mission, and then do it over (again) Or a mission that takes so long and do that over...
  14. Me too, ( ) but I already figured that out bcuz of ur name Snoepzakje12gta5 (transalted for the non-dutchies Candybag15gta5 ) ,