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  1. I was playing skyrim on my PS3 and, even after the mass amounts of "patches" it still lags. GTA V looks bigger, badder and more complex than skyrim and that scares me and my Frame Rates. can these last generation consoles handle it? will GTA V lag, especially with the draw distance extended so far? Thoughts?
  2. if the graphic were shit... the videos on youtube of that van and blue car that were supposedly gta5 leaked had amazing graphics. if the game had graphics like this i would be pumped but if they were anything like gta4 i would be pissed
  3. im copying everything down that is "leaked" and when the game comes out, ima see if anything is even close to what what said
  4. yacht with a pool n shit and a fucking mission with a god damn cruise ship. like, this is a one time thing. you go one a vacation and your in the middle of nowhere and your one this massive cruise ship that has malls and surfing stuff and mini-games with the surfing and mini-golf and rock-climbing and then you get to jack the ship and crash it for some mobsters. ill be like the titanic
  5. I LOVED SA, buy it. but cant play VC any more, the animation were the camera turns when you turn the car makes me dizzy and the fact that its soooo small just makes it boring. however, i have played and beaten it and i can tell you that the story is decent I want to have a giant ass military base with a shit load a guns and crazy ass turrets and tanks and war planes and fighter planes... (you see where I'm going with this) and you can steal them all but get a bounty or like a 4 star wanted level.
  6. I thought more people would look at it if I posted it here...
  7. Obvi Shit List, unbelievable what some people will believe http://robotgeek.co.uk/2012/02/25/not-necessarily-news-grand-theft-auto-v-producer-says-game-will-have-less-action-and-excitement-more-inane-minigames/
  8. not saw level gore, but broken limps and more realistic injuries, i don't really want to to see really nasty stuff, thought blowing up a person would be cool. no know what, fuck that last ting, MoAr GoAr!
  9. I LOVED SA, buy it. but cant play VC any more, the animation were the camera turns when you turn the car makes me dizzy and the fact that its soooo small just makes it boring. however, i have played and beaten it and i can tell you that the story is decent
  10. realism, all i want is realism, not only in the landscape. but in the people,LIKE LA NOIR
  11. a ski resort would be kick ass, ghost towns and desert shacks like in red dead, would love to see hideouts and maybe a city underground??? and obviously a island way off the shore that's full of mansions and all the rich people live there but then around that central island there are like 6-7 other smaller island that are deserted and full of jungle and rainforest but then there are gangs that also hide out there.
  12. we should ban roman and all his shit and someone add that fake ass map from the piss takes and fakes thread, its so stuipid
  13. yes. that would make a use for hybrids. and make it so your car can be hot, so if you have a stolen car, you can respray it and your good (like Mafia 3) and then, instead of stealing a new car and spending money on paint and fake license plates, you can just fill up our own. you get what im saying?
  14. looks pretty cool, 99% sure its fake (optimist, always the 1% (; ) but if the map was actually like that, it would be legit, but it needs to be broken up into sections, they have done that with every game.
  15. that very well could be. d love was very powerful, but the only thing i notice is that the voice is very different, didn't lc story's take place in 2001? that's only 10 years (apprx)
  16. Hey guys, i was just watching the trailer after a while of being off the forums, and i payed special attention to the npcs in the background. from the guy putting up the for sale sign, to the hobos under the bridge, what do you think is in store for the gta5 npcs? My theories/hopes? - a lot ore variety in clothing - cliques, like a bunch of friends obviously together in the bar getting drunk - random people can start up a convo if you are in a coffee shop, or a bar, no more of the little blue guy on the map, these interactions are totally random, like real life and also you can start up a convo with anyone... - chicks hit on you (i don't ever remember them doing this in previous games, could be wrong...) - on the last topic, you can hit on any girl, like any, and have a possible relationship. - street performers and little crowds could start up around the performances - concerts! that would be cool on the boards walk - beach partys like the one in SA when CJ steals the party van for og loc, THOUGHTS???
  17. rockstar needed to give us something. us hardcore fans have been waiting for 4 years for something, anything leading us to gta 5. i can remember back in 2010 searching youtube for any kind of leaked info for the new gta. i know none of it was true! but god, anything would do. rockstar knows what there doing, there building up the hype. gta 4 broke records and, i believe, brought in a whole new crowd to the gta realm. people that once thought that gta games were crude and stupid, were amazed by gta 4. this game will set standards, and break records. hype, hype, hype. little by little info will come out, but i guarantee you it will be nothing like max panye with also those little videos, they'll tease us to the last minute
  18. i hope so, though i realize it was fall, it felt so boring in LC, NPC wise. all had jackets an sweaters.
  19. god, its been like this for a bout three weeks now, i can't remember. is there anything you could think of that could help me?
  20. i did but it still doesn't work. tried both browsers to (Chrome and Explore) im gonna try my desktop tomorrow.. so im the only one who has this problem?!
  21. so, everything is black, cant see the words. was never like this until like two weeks ago. cant read anything the whole site has changed.. wtf is happening? http://imageshack.us/f/6/everytingsfuckedjpg.png/