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  1. Is it possible?:
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    Triad Wars

    Here's another video. It's a tutorial and talks about character customisation:
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    Sleeping Dogs

    Ha, Watch Dogs doesn't even have an engaging story.
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    Triad Wars

    Here is a new video on how the, 'Raids' and 'Operations' work. Please don't allow the superiority of GTA V, cloud your judgement.
  5. Not enough action and thrill. Need more missions like minor turbulence and that plane chase one. Needs more explosions with interactivity. If we got to jump off that train ourselves in that mission with Trev on the sanchez, it would of been more challenging and exciting. I felt too old with Michael, I wish he was younger kinda like when you watch an old western movie and a guy is like ,"He shot and killed 5 armed men all alone" and feats like that aren't expressed to that level int he movie. What I'm talking about is,"Michael: my head was quite a trophy back then". Yes I know pulling off the heists make up for it, but I felt too old.
  6. Don't like smoking in general (including passive), stuffs up your body and mental state.
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    Far Cry Series

  8. Can't wait to get this for me ecboc 1 :jumpy: :jumpy:
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    Triad Wars

    Here is the remastered gameplay trailer for you: What will monetization look like in the game? Will real money purchases lock out access to different content in the game or will it be for cosmetic items? ☛ What we decided to build is a live game. We are business model agnostic, so once we’d decided on building an ongoing service, we wanted to find a model that we could make successful with this type of game. Free to Play allows us to get the game to as many players as possible with the lowest possible barrier to entry. That suits our goal of exposing a massive number of gamers to the Sleeping Dogs universe. - (Justin Bullard - Producer ) How far will you go on the RPG elements ? like character customization, houses etc. ? ☛ Customization is a big part of Triad Wars. Character customization, upgrades, weapons, turf customization the criminal rackets that make up your turf, player avatars, etc... it's safe to say we want you to have a lot of choice. - (Steve Ferreira - Design Director)
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    Triad Wars

    Based in the Sleeping Dogs universe, it is entirely online for pc, yet the developers believe a console release may come to play. It is all about trying to build your empire within Hong Kong and becoming a king pin in the Triad Underworld. Rival online players may raid your turf if they wish, but they must get through your AI npc gang if they wish to proceed further gain of territory. That's all I know so far, here is a link to the announcement video: I really did want an action thrilled, heart-pumping The Expendables type of shiznick sequel. However I may give this a go. What are your thoughts and opinions on this fully online sandbox game?
  11. Bought this game. The story was quite dull, I'm not really attached to Aiden as much as I am with other sandbox game protagonists. Really great graphics though, had some nice parkour which ran really smooth, no melee combat though that was disappointing. Driving felt weird. Nevertheless the game does have the best graphics seen for an open world game. I just want more action-thrilled gameplay!
  12. Imma buy this for Xbox One. I hope they added having the ability to customize your physique at that beach. Other features such as new haircuts and beards, definitely more clothes and extra heists e.g. Caisno. I like the improvements of the graphics, though I hope they expand on the gameplay, as it was the gameplay that made san andre great.
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    Mad Max

    God damn it!, I was looking forward to this game, now the Mad Max thing looks Americanised.
  14. And that being abducted by Xenomorphs mission.
  15. If you're on passives mode: If you get in any vehicle (I'm pretty sure) You get off passive mode but...if you exit the vehicle you're back on passive mode (that's what happens to me anyways). I wasn't cheating, those guys in tanks killed me by running me over so many times, it was quite annoying. But yeah, if you're on passive mode HOLD Y to steal a tank.
  16. Killed 6 people in tanks on passive mode. At Vespucci Beach there were 4 guys in tanks. I Held Y to steal a tank, blew up 2 jumped out and did the same with the rest, on passive mode. By far my most badass moment in GTA Online.
  17. All I want is some bad-ass military gear for the heists, something like this:
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    Mad Max

    Finally, a good game set in Aus.
  19. You can't officially own any of the business clothes. I bought a suit, then bought another and it had shown that the first clothing I had bought was not ticked. So I bought it again, and guess what, the other suit I was wearing also was not marked with a tick. It also happens with the masks.
  20. I thought Slade Wilson was in Starling City.
  21. Usha


    When I first did the, 'High Priority Case' I searched everywhere for a heli, near the docks, at the airport and even drove all the way to the sandy shores airfield. I gave up, next time decided to climb up the ladders, shot most of the guys, parachuted to the building (somehow successfully) got the brief case jumped off the building and realized I didn't have another parachute. Worst mission. Next time I had the rank for the Merryweather chopper, killed the pilot, picked up the team mates and landed the heli behind those pipes for cover, did mission successfully. The other time I bought a buzzard attack chopper killed everyone and finished mission. My advice to you, do not enter this mission unless you are rank 30 or have bought a buzzard attack chopper (makes it easier as it locks onto the enemies).